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Ducks who needs ducks?

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i love these birds on my plate with oranges sauce!


Gay ducks YG.
LJ I see your bill and I believe there is a quack in it.

Very nice, peaceful photo PG (wish I had a duck joke for you can't think of any at moment). In the small river we have nearby, the sooooo handsome male Mallard ducks also outnumber the ladies, like 4 or 5 to one . . . what's up with that?


A duck walks into a pharmacy and says, "Give me some chapstick and put it on my bill."


You all quack me up.


Love the ducks. Micky too.


Other ducks need ducks... Unless you're playing Duck, Duck Goose.... Super Shot.... Grazi.... :) :)


Three Quacks out swimming in their pond!


Ooooh, I LOVE this shot, PG! Thank you! And thanks for the ID -- I wouldn't have known who they were.


LOL, plumpossum!
good to see you have your ducks in a row, PG.


In a local UPS store I recently heard a little old man regaling the staff with what was apparently one of his favorite jokes: "I have two ducks and a cow; what do I have?" Answer: "Quackers and milk."


Love it....!!!!!


They're gorgeous quackers!


See what the smallest pebble can do to a calm pond.


Giggles..... :)
Nice shot PG

giggles some more.. they can be the dominate in color.. but the women are dominate when it comes to the brains..


In all creatures? Surely you jest, PG. Aren't we ladies more fair than you old crotchety men? Hahaha.


Ducks are great and you can tell the health of the area when you see them. These little beauties are Blue-winged Teals. Two boys and a little lady. You can always tell the difference because the males, as in all creatures is the pretty one.


Ducks! I need them! I love these little guys. What do you mean, who needs ducks? Doesn't everyone? I mistakenly labeled a goose as a duck in one of my puzzles. But these are the real deal. Nice ducks, PG.

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