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In love?


I just read about her daughter, Judy Lewis. She was the child of Loretta and Clark Gable, a scandal in those days. Judy was put in an orphanage for 18 months until Loretta's mother took her home. Loretta then said she adopted Judy. Judy didn't know until well into adulthood that Clark Gable was her father, even though everyone else knew. Gable had no relationship with her at all. A very sad episode. Also, one of Loretta's sisters was married for 63 years to Ricardo Montalban.


@hooknstitch - obviously you do not know how the male mind works. :)


For those who may be too young....... this is Loretta Young.
I believe my first childhood crush was on her when I was about 5.

I loved Loretta Young! Remember her flowing down the stairs with her skirt just dancing all the way!

A stunning beauty she was, and a Utah native.

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