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Must eat early to avoid any dietary "issues". (Yes, I know it is a great excuse.) Pork ribs, green beans, garlic mashed potatoes and tomatoes. :)
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  1. lordmojo2:04
  2. Dclo2:16
  3. popoko2:19
  4. susannea2:59
  5. Carol663:09
  6. yarnover3:18
  7. dartagnan3:20
  8. BSamms3:27
  9. trailrider3:30
  10. MC3383:33


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LOL, Jaklien. Veggies were organic veggies (or so the store said - I don't always trust them). Farmers Market much better (when they open this summer).


I see two kinds of vegetables: you're doing very well Carol!

Carol, you are welcome. Word is now so stupidly complicated. It takes more steps to do the simplest things. In the old version I could pull down the paste tab and click paste special, now I have to go to "HOME" tab. Same issues with fonts and spacing. All under different "tabs" like "design" or "layout". It is a waste of time. Why add steps and tabs that are not needed and take longer?? It is as though they forgot about the users. Maybe the "tech savy" people enjoy inefficiency I do NOT,


Sally, great information. I LOVE Windows 7. I do have a good virus protector. At my advancing age I am reverting back to my patience for anything and I want what I want when I want it and that means NOW! Guess I must pay better attention at work and make my mistakes on the Windows 10 there. :) The young staff (anyone under 40) are tech savvy and don't seem to understand what the problem (I am the problem).

Carol, a good friend had a techie out and he said Windows 7 was fine as long as she kept up her anti-virus. I still have my Win7 computer and am switching back and forth. I am not a fan of Win10 at all. It is all run on Apps and not very fast. Steep learning curve on Word as well. Certainly not as easy to use as the earlier version---much less straightforward and cumbersome.


Oh no Chanteuse56.....Sunday and no ribs! :(

Sally, I am procrastinating on switching to Windows 10. I know I MUST but still putting
it off. We switched at work and I finally can access what I need to do. I am soooo far
behind the rest of the world. Sigh.

Dize5, good to hear from you!!



It is Firefox! Lots of issues with it. I found this out from ebay tech support. Anyway, great puzzle Carol. Thank you.

Nice one Carol. Looks great. I just updated to Windows 10 and now I cannot solve any puzzles without jigidi and Firefox crashing. Everything is APPS and they suck. Guess I will plug in my old machine. Technology my _____!


OK, now, I'm really bummed that our neighborhood rib joint is closed on Sundays.





I knew it would make a great puzzle!

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