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Lilac Enchanting Flower Fairy

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Watercolour painting by Judith Cheng
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  1. almaaurea19:36
  2. LeeCarr19:45
  3. viuser22:08
  4. PatriciaV26:15
  5. redwooddawn29:03
  6. monkey6530:45
  7. tesacags31:01
  8. debspuzzles31:43
  9. hackettjoanb32:38
  10. suretrek33:10


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Loved this puzzle - appeared on the Quick play .Thank you!


@RandyWI No, it was more of a stress thing really - worrying about keeping my 80+ year old mum safe when living in an area that's frequently near the top of the 'highest cases' list, as well as being separated from my other half for months during the lockdowns. I went comletely off the radar for a while on social media,then when I first got back into Jigidi I started solving rather than creating. I've finally been prompted to get back to my fairies again though. It's been very sweet to hear from several people how much they've been missed :) . Hope all's well with you x


Wow, didn't realize it had been that long. I hope that your absence wasn't due to health issues. There's been way too much of that around in the last year.


Thank you @RandyWI . Lovely to hear from you. Yes, they're my first postings for just over a year! I'll try not to leave it so long next time!


Beautiful puzzle. I haven't seen anything from you for a while unless I just missed them. Really glad to see you back again!

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