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Good to hear from you, Trish! Glad you are OK from the flood. Terrible to experience. I'm glad you are enjoying learning about your family. Sounds very interesting. Stay well, dear friend!


Hi @sparklightie and @dotshell Sorry I've been AWOL - nothing to worry about, I just don't seem to have as much spare time and I've prioritised what I do with my that time. I've been doing a lot of work on my family tree, it's so interesting. I started it about 4 years ago and pick it up from time to time. But I sent my DNA away and that opened up a lot of connections to add to my tree, hence me spending a lot of time working through the info. I find it so fascinating. Apparently I'm 73% Scottish, 14% English & 13% Irish heritage. I'm wondering why there's no German as my paternal great grandparents were German? But there's a lot more to it than I fully understand, country boundaries have moved since the 1700s which may explain it. Anyway, that's taken up a lot of my time. Then there's the autumn leaves clean up - still ongoing! And trying to keep the gardens weed free and lawns mowed though it's pretty chilly outside now.

We had a lot of flooding in Christchurch a week ago - a 100 year flood. River banks in the city burst and overflowed - many houses were flooded, fortunately not in my suburb. But I was wondering when it was going to stop raining, non stop for 5 days! Geepers - my grandkids have grown up experiencing a huge earthquake that took 185 lives, a mosque shooting that took 51 lives, a 100 year flood and Covid lockdown - they will grow up resilient! They've all taken it in their stride, it will make great memories for story telling when they become grandparents!

So as you can see, I've just been busy with other things - I know Jigidi is still waiting for me to catch up. Oh and I bought a brand new car too so that was worth waiting three months for! I love it, a small SUV type in a dark grey and black. I've looked for excuses to get out and about. Hope you both are well too and enjoying life. I read that Grandmapegs is managing her diagnosis with strength and dignity, she seems to have wonderful support and still getting out and about.

Big hugs to you both Michelle and Dotty ☺️☺️


such fun thx @Trish237 praying you are well - have not seen you in weeks my friend ♥♥♥♥♥


@Trish237 Got your message, then had to remove my bird photo because it was the wrong bird! Oh, well, I'll get it next time.


@Trish237 Miss hearing from you. Hope all is well.


Haven't seen you in a few days. You must be having fun with grandkids! Look for a puzzle for you with butterfly when you get a minute.

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