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wrapped in olive

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these fabrics by cousette at some images may be copyrighted. i do not claim any ownership.
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  1. wildwater18:53
  2. botmom1426:16
  3. kathy5527:38
  4. Morgas28:15
  5. foxymoron29:13
  6. ItsMeMarth32:32
  7. MarshaG6133:05
  8. lbilly33:36
  9. katai34:09
  10. cdmgo201236:57


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An apt phrase for boss cat LOL.


chuck a wobbly! haha. i'll have to have boss cat use that line

We have "Sparkie" for electrician; glazing mechanics are called " Glassholes "; plumbers are "layin pipe" ; electricians are always "pullin their wire"; ironworkers are doing "erections" and so on.....


We do have some doozies, mate! No more or less than you blokes up north or the US, I suppose but it's good to learn new things. How about the Oz version of a hissy fit - chuck a wobbly :-) A schoolteacher is a chalkie and an electrician a sparkie.


get a wriggle on ... haha, first time i've heard that. you must teach us some more interesting sayings from your neck of the woods!


Well get a wriggle on! Your fan club is waiting, girl :-)


thanks foxy ... dang, i forgot to post puzzles today (sunday the 8th)


Thanks, Ruth. You chose some beautiful fabrics for this one. The flowers centre left are very pretty.

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