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turkey tail - benefits immunity

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Turkey Tail Mushroom presents in a variety of colours such as red, orange, brown, green, and even blue. They grow together in clusters and are sometimes arranged like shelves along a tree. Anywhere there's decaying surfaces of wood, you’ll likely find these turkey tail mushrooms growing.
One of the distinct properties of the mushroom is that it is known as an adaptogen. This means that they help the body become resistant to stress and have a balancing effect on the body, so all vital functions operate normally.
This can include regulating the endocrine system (balancing hormones), aiding the immune system, and adjusting the nervous system.

Some of the biochemical benefits of turkey tail mushrooms include antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, antimicrobials, and immune-boosting polysaccharide fibres such as beta-glucans, PSP, and PSK.

These properties work together holistically to provide a long-range of helpful benefits to different conditions, diseases, and bodily functions.
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