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Hello there, Bear ♥

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Black bears are majestic creatures, and besides being the inspiration for fluffy teddies, these animals are fascinating. For example, did you know that black bears are omnivores? Although their diet consists of 95% vegetables, these animals can consume fish, insects, small mammals, and even your garbage.

Also, don't let their size fool you, these bears are athletic! An average black bear can run up to 30mph, climb a tree at full speed, and swim to hunt for food. Therefore, if you ever encounter this powerful creature in Alaska, try to keep your distance and avoid provoking the animal.

Now, this particular black bear we can enjoy from the safe distance of a Jigidi Daily Jigsaw Puzzle ♥
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Last Saturday, we were out in the woods in Side by Side (bike), and one from that size crossed the road in front of us, of course, we stopped and waited until we were sure he was completely back in the wood 😳
This is the first time I saw one of that size except in picture!… scary, cause at this time of the year, could have been a mom with her little ones, never take a chance!…I didn’t even think about taking a picture!…

What are you doing on my rocks ?


What a beautiful bear!

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