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Taken May 4, 2022
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I can't look at that Li (-_-)


Apparently killdeer are only found in the Western Hemisphere, Sylvia. I looked it up.


Will have to find out, if we have these but I don't think so!


@WhiskersNFeathers, here is one of my puzzles showing the broken-winged killdeer:


It really was, Mila. I never thought I'd see that.


That was an awesome experience!


Last year I had the privilege of watching the baby killdeer(s?) running around the area where they were hatched, which was mostly asphalt! I also got to see the parent do the fake woundedness to try to draw me away from the young ones. It was exciting.
Thanks, Ed. There were two of them running around, but I couldn't get them both in one pic.


Great photo, Li.


Is for safety reasons would you believe that. The ground where they make the nest is the perfect camouflage, so when they go out the nest is hard to spot, BUT that not always works, their predators are pretty smart. (-_-)


I love your description of these small blackbirds, Mila. It sounds like they'd be worth paying, even, if you could. Killdeers DO nest on the ground, but I was thinking more broadly that it's interesting that they don't choose places nearer to bodies of water.


That is interesting Li. Don't they nest on the ground? Or I am confusing them with some other?


Same here Jacki. I do miss the shore and water birds, but have to be thankful of the many other birds I enjoy. I don't know the names of the different blackbirds, but a small group (2 sometimes 4) of the smaller skinny ones have been humoring me the past few days. They walk the lawn up and down in a very ceremonious orderly way looking for grubs. They are doing us a favor and they are so diligent is almost as if we hired them. I surely have an appreciation for them now.


You're welcome, Jacki. Last year at least one killdeer had its brood on some friends' property, and there was no body of water nearby. It's interesting where they choose to nest.


One of my favorite shore birds. Thanks for a great shot of him!


I'll call right now, Jackie.

Li, I called you yesterday. You were sleeping. I would like too talk with you give me a call if you feel like talking. hugs and love

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