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Introducing my new "Goofie" avatar

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After Goofie crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 4 September 2017 I changed my "Goofy cartoon" avatar for a photo of Goofie sitting on his blue velvet throne.
After 3 years I just decided to change it for this photo and treat you to his puzzle!♥☺♥


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*love* back at you, Olya :)




Thank you, lurdo. I'm sorry to hear you weren't well, I'm glad you're back now and hope you will stay well. Please don't feel obligated to catch up commenting on all the puzzles you 'missed', I just hope you'll enjoy them and take it easy! ♥♥
I'm really glad you enjoyed seeing Goofie again! :)

Oh my sweet Goofie it is a pleasure to see You again . Mrs. Impie I was out of the road because I had to stay in bed I am going to try to catch up now that I am back.




What a beautiful way to start and end your day.


Thank you for the offer, dhi, but I've already got Goofie as my background screen saver, since 2013.... I think it's the best lucky shot I ever took of him and it gives me a giggle and a smile when I turn on my desktop. I also look him in the eyes before I shut off my computer and the screen goes black!:) (check out my background screen saver☺)

You were exactly right, too knew him well! ♥☺♥

Thank for telling me, Pammi, I'm so glad you got a smile from him when you had to sneeze, because when I did he used to give me 'the offended look' eventhough I don't even make that much noise, but I always made up by saying (in a comforting voice): "hatsjie" .....then it was OK. LOL

Yes, I know you took your job seriously and he was very content when you apllied that you took the job! ☺♥☺♥☺

Thank you, Lynetteoz, he's looking right into your soul, doesn't he? I'm glad you like my new avatar, as I like yours with your beautiful Willow :-)


Love this pic of gorgeous Goofie, Impie and I am sure we will also all enjoy this avatar :-)


Impie, you might be interested to know that we both got tickly noses and it was sort of a dare to see who sneezed first. I confess to being first to give in and I think I might have received a sweet little smile in return. ♥♥♥♥♥

As to the Honorary Title which was bestowed on me all those years ago, be assured that even when no one was looking I always took my role very seriously.☺☺☺☺


My first thought was that is Goofie's F.I.S.H. look. I confirmed it by reading the comments. It is a great avatar.


I am not sure if you are interested, but my background screen saver is set to a folder called 'Cream of the Crop' for Sweetie Pie and the picture is set to change every minute so even as I am working through out the day, she is reight there in front of me.

If so, let me know & I can tell you how.


Oh my, thank you all for your sweet comments to my boy and my new avatar.

Yes, Rebecca, he was indeed waiting for his F.I.S.H. on the kitchen counter☺☺☺
Your second comment was also 'spot on' LOL

Picture this, Faye....The Hague, 22.August having watching Goofie in the mirror coming down the stairs behind you, see him walk past you two to the garden door, then turn round and gaze you both in the eyes....had a long stretch out and scratch on his board and a huge jawn. Looked aside at you one more time and then in a very relaxed way up the stairs again! ♥♥☺☺♥♥ Never will we forget that moment....nobody dared say anything and we could almost hear a pin drop! LOL
Enjoy solving your bookmarked Goofies♥

Thank you, Dutsy, yes he was a handsome and sweet boy! ♥

Thank you, Patsy, for taking the time to get to know Goofie through my pages and all the comments of this lovely group of people at his puzzles. Yes, he was very popular and yet he stayed so down to earth...;-)))

Yeah, Betty, (although he just was sweet and had a sweet face) those looks were MY Sunday treat whilst I was cooking his F.I.S.H. ☺♥☺♥☺♥

Thank you, Ella. He was waiting for his F.I.S.H. and I'm sure I said the magic word a couple of times to have him look at my camera.☺ He could pace the counter whilst his F.I.S.H. was boiling in the pot....he was just crazy about it and we only spoke the word on Sunday, any other day we had to spell it! LOL

Oh yes, DizzyDame7, he had a huge fanclub!:)

Thank you, GG. Yes, he was definitely waiting for his F.I.S.H. This photo was taken July 2012 when he had just turned 11 in May. He could then easily jump on and off the kitchen counter. When he no longer could jump on the counter himself I'd put him on it... only on Sunday F.I.S.H.-day. ☺♥ Glad you enjoyed the photo:)

Thank you, Nan, yes, he did have something regal about him and even the 8 minutes it took to cook and cool his F.I.S.H. were a 'nerve wracking' wait and he 'talked' the entire wait pacing up and down the counter!☺♥

Thank you, Sylly, I'm biazed of course, but he was really beautiful....inside and out!:)

Yes, nillie, that's true, thank you. Sometimes I'll watch some of his videos and then it's (still) a bit difficult. I can look at his photos with a smile now! ♥☺♥ I'm glad you still enjoy puzzles of him. ♥♥

Thank you, lazykrazykat, glad you enjoy seeing him again too ;)

☺♥☺ back at you Iris, thanks :)

Thank you, Nancy, I'm glad you enjoy the treat.:) I have a similar photo on my bedroom wall where he's sitting in front of a chair in the living room....that look can still melt my heart!♥

He was, Virginie, I wish you could've met him when he was still alive. But even now he's gone it seems he can still touch people's hearts! :)

He sure was, Jason, thank you. I don't post him too often, but it's my pleasure to share my sweet kitty boy :-)

Thank you, Sherry for also being a great fan of my sweet kitty boy. I always knew he had a wonderful fanclub, but when I posted his 'last goodbye' I actually realized how MANY fans he must've had and they still are!☺♥☺

Thank you, dhi, I have been hesitating whether I should or not, because removing the old photo felt a bit like tearing it up. But I'm glad you all seem to like my new avatar! ☺

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Pammi. Aww, when you did, did you also feel that lovely wet pink nose against yours?♥ I'm sure he gave you, as his special former part-time "Deputy Side Tickler", a big smile! ♥
I'm starting to get used to my new avatar now and I'm glad you like it, thanks.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Thank you, Kayell! You could be so right, he was always so excited to get F.I.S.H. and could hardly wait for me to put his bowl on his placemat on the floor! :-))

Aww, thank you, tisketsmum. Yes, he had such an expressive and sweet face, I'm glad you enjoy seeing him any time. ♥♥♥
I'm in awe how good Tisket still looks. She's still of good size and her fur is still so beautiful. ♥♥♥

That he sure was, goldie2020, thanks :)


Sweet cat


Just love that face and the gentle inquiring look in his eyes. He was a very special kitty boy and it's a delight to see him any time. ♥♥♥


Perfect, Impie! I could be wrong but he looks as if he might be saying "what took you so long...?"!


Love it, love it, love it, thank you Impie. I just had to lean over my keyboard so he and I could rub noses. I may be wrong but I think he gave me a little smile which I of course returned. A wonderful choice of picture for your new Avatar, dear friend. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


What a beautiful update for your avatar. Thanks for sharing her as a puzzle.


I can' resist - "What's taking so long??" :)))


Thank you, Impie, for this new, awesome photo of "our" boy. (He belonged to all of us, you know.) He will never be forgotten, but it's nice to see the other photos of him. Such a special boy. Sherry


He is such a sweet boy :-)

Thank you Impie for sharing his photo with us.

He was an exceptional cat. I think of him often...recognized him immediately when I open the puzzle page...thank you Impie ?


Handsome boy!! ♥ Wonderful treat. Thank you, Impie. Such a sweet photo!!! ♥




lovable Goofie


Time is meaningless regarding pictures... so whenever a new Goofie picture is being posted it is as if it is taken just now. Thanks Impie♥♥

Aww, what a wonderful face!!


Just look at that majestic expression! Hurry up and bring me my royal F.I.S.H.! Thank you for a Goofie treat.


What a sweet photo of Goofie, and such a nice treat to find it today! He looks like he is waiting for his F.I.S.H. Thanks, Impie!! ☺♥

Much loved with lots of love to give back ....


I love this photo, Impie! I can tell what he's waiting for (F.I.S.H. perhaps) and see he's being intent on having it as soon as possible! It looks like he's about to start talking to tell you to hurry up!

Awwww.... what a look from what a boy! ☺♥☺♥☺♥

Such a wonderful photo of such a wonderful guy. I have gotten to know Goofie through puzzles and comments. I have learned how lovable he was, and how much he was loved--by Impie and by the Jigidi community. -Patsy


Awww! Such a sweet face!


I remember that gaze! We were talking about it on Wednesday... ❤️❤️❤️

Bookmarked to do with the others...I don't have a full "Goofie" page yet but there will be a nice little grouping...


Waiting for F.I.S.H. - perfect!