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Mystery 18

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  1. inghung1:02:01
  2. harriethedgehog1:02:42
  3. lulu19611:10:39
  4. rrrenard1:11:05
  5. TheresaF1:13:11
  6. heliotrope1:13:19
  7. PPauly1:23:28
  8. nmwells811:30:00
  9. ria_bos1:30:09
  10. Zwergi781:33:58


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Please send some more of these humorous folks!!
Thank you! Lorraine

HONESTLY!! This 'grouping' of people is a RIOT! One can picture so much what is going on in their thinking! I especially enjoyed the two ladies eating lunch in the right foreground. They came 'together' first as some of the others were frustrating for I just smiled and smiled at them! They are enjoying each other so much...gossiping? anyway....friendly! The cat is certainly eyeing those birds...and poor doggie is hoping for a treat! Ornery little boy has his father's ire up! I like the bar man slumped over and bored!! The waiter: trying to act nonplussed by it all!

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