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Soft Light Kaleidoscope

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Wow! It's been longer than I thought since I last signed into Jigidi!! Never meant to be away for so long but time just seems to have disappear somehow :-(
Mom's new medicine regime has given her much relief from her symptoms and she is doing ok for now. She, the family and I are taking full advantage of that as we don't know how long this respite will last. She'll be here in NH for the next 2 weeks.
So, I thought it was time to touch base with you all and let you know I'm healthy as can be but won't be able to return as a regular visitor/poster for a bit longer. Have been missing you guys!! You are such dear and sweet friends and hope to be able to visit with you more frequently very soon.♥♥♥
Stay safe, stay healthy and I hope you find a smile in every day☺
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21 September, 2020
This is so, so beautiful Beekay - thank you! Glad you were okay as of August 14th, and hope and trust you still are. Hope your mom is continuing to do well with the new medicine regime. ♥︎


Beautiful thanks BK, many hugs my friend. ♥


Hi BK! Glad to know you and mom are ok. Always be safe...


Gorgeous .. Take care .. Hugs


So good to hear from you BeeKay. I was a bit worried but thought if there were a problem Suzy would know. She said you were very busy. Glad to know your Mom is doing OK for now and is able to visit you for a couple of weeks. You are both still in my prayers. Missing you but glad all is an OK as it can be. Hugs♥♥♥

Thanks, for a lovely puzzle. ☺


It is so good to "see" you, BeeKay. You have been missed. We completely understand your absence, though. Glad you are getting a little respite. Thank you for the beautiful post. You have not lost your puzzle making touch, my friend. Stay safe and enjoy your family time.


Lovely almost looks like it is breathing thank you Beekay, enjoy your family time☺♥


Well, you certainly haven't lost your touche while you've been away, BeeKay! This is gorgeous!! Thank you. (❛ᴗ❛)

Glad to hear that you are well, and that things are okay with your mum too. I hope it stays that way! Take care. ❤


So soft and very pretty, Thanks, BeeKay.
I'm so pleased your are well and Thanks for the update on Mum, do take all the time you need to be with her and family, we'll all be here when you feel it's right to do so. Take care ♥♥


Beekay, first things first. Thank God you're all having a little calm for the time being, praying it last longer than you expect. Miss your works of art, but understand completely. Take good care and we'll see you when you can. Hugs* Voronica~


Glad you & your family are doing ok, Beekay. Take it Easy. Agree - this is stunning (I see one-eyed cyclops with big red lips!)


This is stunning, Beekay. Take all the time you need to be with your family. Prayers and hugs.

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