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Slippery Slope

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  1. mystical372:36
  2. teegee2:53
  3. wimaweigh3:04
  4. tbird573:06
  5. Bididi3:13
  6. foxymoron3:25
  7. cjmyster3:29
  8. pygamma3:37
  9. cherylc3:45
  10. shirley683:47


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So you like that, do you, T! A wonder?..... methinks not but it is quite nice being told that. Pehaps the purple is what had you in awe, dear friend!


I never thought the day would come when I'd see an informal fallacy in a puzzle. You are a wonder, Ms RJDB!

Apart from that you have chosen the BEST colours :-)


Thanks for such a wonderful comment, PJ! I loved your expression" to slide solvingly down the slippery slopes". Very expressive, my friend!


Thank you, Mimi! I'm so glad you found this puzzle to be gorgeous! I'm glad you liked the colors, my friend. .... :-)


Oh, L! I knew I could depend on you to explain the complexities of the fractal. It makes such sense now!! ( Sheesh!) . I think my tangled web was speaking up on art4sight's black puzzle. Ouch!! I'm glad you thought it was yummy, dear one!


Goodness Jill, it was so fun to slide solvingly down the sippery slopes.Love the delighful colors and the moving design.


Gorgeous. The colors are perfect! Thanks!


Ah!! The infamous Slippery Slope.... Is this anywhere near 'A Tangled Web'... Yummy Fractal good buddy... Excellent colors and I love the shininess.... As for the Math.... To understand fractals, you need to understand complex numbers... If you have to take off your shoes, its a complex number... All you have to do is go around barefoot and you've got it.... That's why we keep those six kids around... :) :)


Shirley, I'm so very glad you enjoyed it! I love creating the fractals but I do know there will never be a day when I understand the math, lol!


Wow! Wheezz! this is gorgeous Jill, really is terrific. Thanks Jill.

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