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Storage Baskets

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35 pieces
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  1. Wurm0:54
  2. auntmom71:11
  3. sylken1:13
  4. Shian21:16
  5. jte47881:17
  6. maziz1:18
  7. maggie401:20
  8. Robbos1:22
  9. Mt1231:25
  10. themask911:25


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Simple, but the lines make it a bit harder which is good. Great colours, thanks chookies (❀ᴗ❀)

pumpkinhead the baskets!!! What would YOU put in them??


Here's the answer Beekay got. You don't have a problem, chookies.


I e-mailed them and they said I could keep my two profiles, 'Shian2' for my daily posts and 'shirley68' for request for larger sizes puzzles and miscellaneous posts, as long as you explain why you want the two profiles they will allow you to keep them, it's only if you have several profiles they are clamping down on. I don't think you have anything to worry about, Chookie.


This puzzle was posted as an experiment and it worked, shirl!! I can still post under my 2 profiles, but how long for, who knows!


These are lovely, Chookies, Thank you.

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