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MrPaul, our friend June passed away last year. She sure is missed by many of us and her puzzles were a joy to solve. Sorry for the news and best wishes for the holiday season. @MrPaul

June are you ok

Thank you for this lovely puzzle.


When I solve these, I'm usually all over the place. I do the centers last because I'm terrible at guessing those. I like to see the shape.


Enjoyed, thanks for posting.


I usually look for all of the pieces for each square first, except for the center piece. Then put them all together. Sometime I just jump all over the place. They are lots of fun no matter how I solve it. Thanks!! :))


hello @porgy
this is how i solve these sometimes
other times i find all the pieces for one square
and put it all together so when i add the last piece it is done.
either way IT IS FUN!
thanks june for creating these for our enjoyment!!!


hi Robbie, i do them all waysso i wont get bored


Hi june. Thank you for more fun, I look forward to solving the larger one now! A thought came to me that it would be interesting knowing how many ways jigidiers use to solve your unique puzzles. For instance this morning I found all the 9 centre pieces and lined them down the side. Then I solved each square completely and joined them together at the end. I won't bore you any more but I use about 6 different ways to prolong the enjoyment.

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