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Mango & Papaya holding hands #1 - 2021/02

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Mango & Papaya are littermates, now about 9 years old, with very different temperaments but closely bonded to each other. We got them from the same foster home Ebony came from when they were just emerging from kittenhood.
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  1. nlmotel5:15
  2. castanea146:40
  3. harlaf7:08
  4. halsbacher7:15
  5. 12milothunder7:28
  6. grd8:13
  7. snugglyash8:34
  8. grace498:53
  9. peggy668:53
  10. mlmccoy8:53


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Thank you.

It's so hard to lose our special friends. My heart goes out to you.


They are beautiful. We had a very nice yellow tabby named Tigger, he had a great personality and we were so sad when he crossed the rainbow bridge.

What a precious pair!


They are quite adorable! My Panchito & O'Malley are their doppelgangers!


Awe. Mango & Papaya are the sweetest things! Thanks for the puzzle!

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