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Young Rose Ringed Parakeet checking on the wind direction

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The young often did the stupid of things, but it was just their way of exploring.

Puzzles are very late as many things have held them up. plus this year very unusual activity of a pair of crows who were constantly visiting the patio scaring off the smaller birds, so I didn't have much to photograph.
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My son wanted a bird in 1999, we found a Ringneck at a rescue sanctuary, he was 2 yrs old; didn't work at his house, so older son had 2 Cockatiels, took Max, then 4 yrs later, going to sell him to a breeder in Vermont USA...nope, I love Max, I took him, he lived here with my cat for 17 yrs! Wonderful bird!


Don't know how long they live in the wild Bikerkath, but the have only been in my area for about 6 or 7 years now, but about for much longer in London and some suburbs.


I had one of these, male with neck ring, for 17 yrs, he died 6/22/2022.. ;-( ♥

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