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♫Today in Music History-May 24, 1941♫

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Born on this day, Bob Dylan (Robert Zimmerman), American singer-songwriter, author, and painter. Dylan has released over 40 albums since 1964, and was a major influence on The Beatles. His biggest hits are the 1965 US No.2 single 'Like A Rolling Stone', the 1969 UK No.5 single 'Lay Lady Lay', and his 1964 UK No.1 album The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan. He has won many awards throughout his career including the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature, and twelve Grammy Awards. Dylan was also a member of The Traveling Wilburys.
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"My Back Pages" from the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert. This is as good as music gets!


An integral part of music history! Thanks much, Joe.


Janie you fit right in my friend!! :))


I love that one!
Wish we could!


Ok, ok, ok...I surrender! U N C L E ~

What a lovely, fun and creative platform Joe gives ~ what a gift!

May we all remain FOREVER YOUNG ~ As Dylan wrote as a lullaby for his son ~

May God bless and keep you always
May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others
And let others do for you
May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young.

May you grow up to be righteous
May you grow up to be true
May you always know the truth
And see the light surrounding you
May you always be courageous
Stand upright and be strong
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young.

May your hands always be busy
May your feet always be swift
May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift
May your heart always be joyful
And may your song always be sung
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young.


Great story John! I have no idea how you come up with this stuff, but keep it coming.


ent!! :))


I'm lol too much to finish this comm


Thank you Joe and John background stories.

At the same time, I congratulate Gabriel Fahrenheit, he got the Usa, the Cayman Islands and Belize and Anders Celsius got all the rest of the world!


Well JJ, I can't really say why you don't find my commentaries informative. Most of my comments come from my Back Pages or from long walks All Along the Watch Tower or down Desolation Road. And when I get to the End Of The Line, I just get back On The Road Again, just Like A Rolling Stone. But I suppose, Just Like A Woman you probably think that John Wesley Harding is taller than me, but when you start Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Don't Think Twice, It's All Right. Just remember, All I Really Want To Do is to ring The Chimes of Freedom... just like Easy Rider.



Hey! Joe our musicman, play a song for us
We're not sleepy and there is no place we're going to
Hey! Joe our music man, play a song for us
In the jingle jangle morning we'll come following you!

Thanks Joe ~

PS ~ someboy's Laughing so hard at John ~ It Ain't Me Babe ~ but I think the answer is ~ Blowin In The Wind ~


Joe, I didn't recognize the name, Bob Dylan, so I doubt if you will get many comments on this little known musician, so I will help fill the void and mention that also born on this day (1686) was Gabriel Fahrenheit. Fahrenheit was a mud wrestler by trade and his major mud wrestling competition was a Swedish fellow named Anders Celsius. After years of false bravado, the two met for a historic mud wrestling match in Mudville, the hometown of baseball great "Casey".... "but there is no joy in Mudville — mighty Fahrenheit struck out." Hence the world was divided, Fahrenheit got the United States and Celsius got the rest of the world. And now you know the rest of the story...


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