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Fox In Ferns

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Not sure where this was taken... but I'll try to find out.
Just thought it would make a nice puzzle. Enjoy! :)
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  1. vent1:01:51
  2. pattyban1:03:10
  3. Susan571:04:49
  4. arizona081:25:26
  5. Sunpuppy121:34:19
  6. golf3001:38:29
  7. alesin21:43:12
  8. Pammers1:44:38
  9. janzhoeoesch1:45:09
  10. soslo1:50:01


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Yes, Sunpuppy12. It's just a regular N. American/Canadian fox. They come in red, agouti grey (like this one), silver, or black, and any variation in-between, and can even have more than one of these colours. This fox, for example, has a little of the red fur around the ears, and probably a little here and there elsewhere... around the legs, for example. I've seen photos of "red" foxes with patches of this agouti grey. Then of course, there's the Arctic Fox, which is mainly white, with some off-white (cream) colouration. If you do a Google image search, you can find many photos of foxes of these colour types.

Beautiful fox never seen one this color

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