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Satin Sweets!! ~ Small

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I reckon you should! Cos it's amazing!!


Just saw this one in bookmarks, Kirsten. I'm a regular speed demon with the mouse I have. The other one was so slow, it's amazing the difference a good mouse can make. I should run out now and buy another before they don't sell them any longer.


No problem Ardy. And even if you had read the comments yesterday, you wouldn't have seen these ones, as they only happened an hour ago!! So I'm glad you caught them. :))


Thanks, Kirsten, for sending me back here. I usually read all the comments at the end of my day but didn't yesterday. I now checked the link to a world clock and in reading directions it mentioned using the reload.refresh symbol. Mine says relaod and I didn't recognize that as being refresh. I'm learning so much through you.

Thanks Gail for the story about your mouse. Sounds like the perfect solution for you. Su told me about one she got before her surgery that she could program to do things that would be make it usable with limited use of her arm afterwards. There are all kinds of wonderful inventions out there,


Thank you Gail. And you're still here! I take it you're feeling quite fair, maybe bordering on good? And why didn't I ask you what these sweets were called? I've been pondering it for ages!! Duh!

I can't believe how fast you are for someone who uses their mouse on their leg!! I hope Ardy sees this message, and may have to give her a little hint to find it. This is what I love about Jigidi. The help everyone gives each other. Thank you my friend. :)))


Super sweet puzzle, my dear Kirsten. As soon as I saw the words "Satin Sweets", I knew what they were, but hadn't known their real names.

Ardy, if you visit this puzzle again, I had been having trouble with mice for a long time, trying to find one that will work for me and be quick. I have to work puzzles with the mouse on my right thigh, and I can't use a wireless one since I drop them frequently. I finally found an electronic laptop mouse with a retractable cord. It lets me be as fast as I can and glides smoothly on my leg. It's very light as well, and tiny. It's the best mouse I've ever found for puzzles.


Aww - thanks Kathy. And I must counsel against eating sweets that have been at the end of the sofa. You'll be picking fluff out of your mouth for days!! LOL. But seriously, I'm very glad that you enjoyed them. :)))


Well Kirsten, the sweets made the trip all the way over to the US, Georgia, in fact, in great shape and very tasty I might add :-) When they popped up in front of me, the colors were sooo pleasing!!! Excellent choices once again for all the backgrounds. They blend and match sooooo well!!! Now that I have finished these, my sweet tooth is craving some gum drops LOL ....Now were did I leave those things?.......Oh, I see them, they are at the end of the sofa LOL Off to chew on a few of them now :-)


Thanks for letting me know where you are closest to Ardy. I've reset my world clock, and can see that it's now around 3:45 pm there. If you want to set one up too, it's here:

I'm in Australia - Victoria - Melbourne

There might be other world clocks that are better, but this was the first one that I stumbled across, and it looks like it will do the trick.

I had no doubt that the centre would be up there for you in your fave selection. In fact, I recall that as I made that one, I was thinking how much you would like it. And of course you can have three! Mariasha wants them ALL over on the 81 piece size! So your choices are quite modest by comparison. LOL!!

I hope that my have-a-great-Friday hugs did their trick, and that you did!! And that you enjoy the rest of your afternoon and evening. And look! You're still on the board!! Woo hoo!!


Kirsten, I think your idea of a world clock is great. Of those four choices I'm closest to Bethesda. And thanks for the info on mouse settings. My main problems is me (I think). "We" are doing much better every day but it's a nice mouse. Thanks, too, for the "have-a-great-Friday" hugs. Love them.

I forgot to pick a favorite. Actually "it" is a little cluster of middle and bottom left and middle. Hope I'm not being too greedy and I'll share.


How annoying, Ardy! What's up with your computer/and or your internet? I thought you'd like this one, I think you quite like the soft pastels. And you know you can change some of the settings for your mouse. Got to Start, Control Panel and then Mouse. There are settings for scroll speed, double click speed and all sorts of things. You might be able to set it up so it behaves more like your old one, before it died. And yes, look at you at number 3. I think you are getting faster! But we all slide when the speedsters hit town, so just enjoy the ride. :))) And here are your have-a-great-Friday hugs - ((HUGS))

Oh, and a quick PS. I've set myself up a personal world clock, so that I can see what time it is where my friends live. Are you in or near Annapolis, Baltimore, Bethesda or Germantown?


Good evening, Kirsten. I made it!!! Computer problems. I've been trying to access the internet for almost an hour. Glad I made it before you went to bed. Lovely, fun puzzle. My new mouse hasn't mastered quick, controlled movement yet. It wants to shoot off in strange directions. I am surprised to see "we" are #3. I get to slide almost all the way down today. Thank you for the fun. I do wish you a good night with sweet dreams. Here come your good-night hugs. (((HUGS)))


Morning, Hester!! I thought for sure, you would know what satin sweets were. They were what I was after, when I made my humbug puzzles a while back. But I didn't know what they were called. And then I stumbled on them recently. I remember them smelling and tasting, like you do, but was surprised to discover that a lot of the images that I found them called them Chocolate satins, and talked about a chocolate middle. I don't remember those ones! They sound a little NQR to me.

And whaddya doing on a detox, my love? You need no such thing. Although a shiny coat and wet nose does sound quite irresistible!! LOL.


Morning Kirsten! I had to google satin sweets and then the memories came flooding back! I remember them as highly perfumed little satin pillows in pastel shades with a slightly chewy centre. Have you noticed, no drooling?? That's because this is my detox week and I am eschewing ( not chewing) all things sugary, fatty of alcofrolic. Most of my time is spent polishing my new found halo! :-) I swear, by Sunday I shall have a healthier, shinier coat than Freddy, complete with a cold wet nose! The downside is I shall probably have the colouration of a salad drawer and not the tomatoes! Enjoy the rest of your work free Friday and comes the weekend! :-D

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