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July 23 is National Hot Dog Day - Elk Sausage and Potato Salad

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Reddit user RaddIce had the original title: "The Elk that Wrecked my Home - smoked elk sausage, funky blue cheese, candied jalapenos, and Sriracha."

One commenter wrote, "The Elk that wrecked my toilet seems more suitable, but I would still eat several of those. That looks amazing OP!"


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I guess this is old enough now that I can share my original thought with you, kiddo. Which was - - I never saw an uncircumcised hot dog before!

Speaking of elk, I used to know a famous fellow by the name of Ted Williams, retired baseball player. Ted was a huge man. When we'd shake hands his would engulf mine almost completely. He was a nice guy and I got to know him through the gun business. He told me once that he was elk hunting in the far reaches of Alaska or Canada, out of a remote camp that they reached by plane. He was pretty old and one of the guides told him, "Ted, if anything happens I don't want you to worry. We'll get you out by plane, even if it takes two trips."


An adult elk must feed a lot of people. Heidi, you're super-fast, too!


I've tasted elk sausage at a Pow-Wow. It was delicious. I don't know about those additives, though. I'm a purist with meat.


I don't know how some people can solve so fast either.


Well, it's colorful!

@yarnover, you solve these with blinding speed!


Remove everything on the bun except the hotdog, then add a little mustard.


I'll pass on this one!!!! lol



I seem to be able to make it rain every time I step outside, but so far only about half inch since yesterday afternoon, just enough to avoid turning on the sprinklers.


Lol! How ya doin', Lefty? Getting as much rain as I am?


Thanks. Now I don't have to check the calendar.