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Hi, my name is Fluffy

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I've never met a dog before, but you seem to know how to act around cats!
"Fluffy" lives at where we went to visit for a few days.
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he really is a beauty!...not to mention, well-loved!


Fluffy is a beautiful kitty. The family was truly blessed to have Him in their home. He looks well loved and is a happy baby.


Fluffy was aptly named and indeed a beauty. So sorry to hear he has passed away.

So sorry Fluffy has passed.


Sorry to learn the news about Fluffy. I'm sure his people miss him but still have good memories.


Unfortunately, Fluffy has since succumbed to extreme old age. He is definitely missed by his people.


@dustydog A great photo of a gorgeous cat! If you ever visit Fluffy's home again, please give us another photo/puzzle.
@Sharon72 Thank you for the story of Bobby and Miss Hilda. I needed a good laugh this morning. I have just now bookmarked all of beautiful Miss Hilda's puzzles. Will do one today.


Hello, Fluffy! You're a beauty!

I am sure Fluffy's staff were glad that the first dog Fluffy met was such a well-behaved and good tempered one --the one and only...Dusty. (I hope Fluffy never meets up with a different kind of dog.) How nice that you both had a good visit.


Glad Dusty didn't mind going along with Fluffy's rules. Fluffy is beautiful. My kids made a trip from Oklahoma to see me and brought their young cat Bobby. Bobby would follow my imposing Miss Hilda a few cat lengthss behind. One day Hilda jumped up on a table. Bobby hesitated, then followed, only to find Hilda had turned and was facing him down with a glint in her eyes. Poor Bobby was left standing on his hind legs at the edge of the table back pedaling with his front legs to keep his balance. Finally he thought better of the whole thing and let himself fall backward off the table. It was pretty funny. They didn't become friends, but there was no bloodshed.


What a beautiful cat - suits the name perfectly!

Reminds me so much of a cat we had. He was the best!


Sounds like Fluffy runs a "tight ship"! ;)


Once Fluffy informed him of all the rules...
1: If I am coming thru the doorway You move to the other side of the room, and let me pass.
2: NEVER block my entrance to the room where my food is.
3: If I'm laying on YOUR blanket, too bad, deal with it.
4: Never walk behind me...I get nervous around "cats" like you.
5: I am "attached" to the man that lives here...he is MINE, stay away from him.
6: I'll make more rules as we go along, understood?

Actually Dusty did pretty good, for the most part. After two days, they seemed to have reached an understanding. Surprisingly, there was no hissing from the cat. Just a few "puff ups".
Eileen : )


Dusty, I remember you were a very nice visitor so I know Fluffy liked you!

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