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VegasLady1946 boyfriend gave them to me! :)


How great and the flowers are so lovely!


Thanks...this pic is from my birthday last January. Go Knights!!


You are a very pretty lady!!


My pleasure!! Love retro puzzles...llke me!!


Yes, I love that too! it's so funny, thank you VegasLady for stopping by and leaving a comment! :-)


I love the expression on the dog's!


Hi Lois, those things can happen, don't worry, but, doing it again, now that's a challenge! I'm glad you like this puzzle. Things are OK right now, hope the same with you! Still planning to see your sister, I hope it works for you! Hugs, luly. :-))


Hi luly,, I did this puzzle and then realized I wasn`t on the leaderboard because I forgot to sign in!! LOL Looks like I`ll have to do it again. But that's ok, I like this puzzle. LOL I hope all is getting better for you and yours. Take care of yourself too. Hugs, Lois


I'm glad you enjoyed it bjondron! I can certainly picture that situation and sympathize with the writer, what a tragedy! ;-))

This was such a cute picture and a challenge! It's definitely displays the "curiosity of the cat". Looks like when the writer returns to the room that they'll be sorry that they didn't shut the door properly.


It's my pleasure orynthia! It's so good to have you stop by. :-)

Thank you, lovely jigsaw.