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Bask in the Warmth

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Just a tich on the warm side today. Still, nice enough to go out and sit in the shade for a few minutes and let the warmth bake into my bones.
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Up in the triple digits again today, Beekay. I think summer is already here. Still, the clouds moved in about an hour ago and the temps quickly dropped 10 degrees. Just in time for drinks on the patio.


Wait til summer arrives ;-)
We seemed to have skipped spring and jumped right into summer with 90 - 95 these last several days :-(


I live in southern Arizona, Mother, so the heat is blessedly humidity free. It may be hot but I don't melt.

Morning, Kossamu. I live just outside Green Valley all the way at the other end of the State from you. We generally run about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than the central and NW portions of the State.

The thermometer came with the house and I quite it too, Lorna. I'm a lizard with arthritis, Lorna. Give me high temps and low humidity to bask in and I'm quite happy.


That is the prettiest thermometer I have seen, but I wouldn't want to move anywhere in that heat; that is far too hot for me!


It was 111F here today☀️☀️☀️and 112F yesterday☀️☀️☀️/NW Arizona..

Indeed it's nice to go out and enjoy the warm weather again.

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