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Say Whaaaat??!! :-))

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So many caption possibilities! What's yours?
Tavish (L) and Oliver were so cute napping together. Grabbed my phone to get a pic and got this instead. LOL
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  1. liertje19782:33
  2. babray3:06
  3. Olya3:19
  4. hadzi3:25
  5. harlaf3:34
  6. GrandmaJo3:38
  7. Impie3:46
  8. JNaselova3:50
  9. Tharl4:04
  10. lindaleigh4:17


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Thank you, Auntie Ella! So glad you stopped by to say Hi! We just woke up and are watching bird TV at the deck slider, but have had so much fun with our toys. :-))

Posted a pic of them crashed out in a catnip coma, as well as a combo of them early this morning. :-)


Good afternoon, boys! Just dropping by to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY you!! Hope you're enjoying those great toys mom gave you. Can't wait to see pics of your latest antics! :-)


Thank you, Mrs. Impie!! ♥ We got big catnip toys!! A green fish and a banana. We've been having fun with them....when we're not chasing a ping pong ball or the ball with a bell in it ...haha! Mum's been trying to take our picture, but we're having too much fun to sit still for that. Heehee. ;-))

Thank you, Impie! Very much appreciated. They continue to settle in. Glad to see Tavi's grown and enjoy watching both their personalities unfold. They're hilarious; sweet and rascally. LOL Managed to get a couple of pics amidst the catnip/toy chase mayhem and will post soon. :-))


HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY to you, Ollie and Tavi.....wishing you a long and happy life in your wonderful new forever couldn't have found a better kitty mum♥♥♥

Congratulations to your one year old boys today, Nancy. I'm so happy for you that you have found them and adopted them. I hope you will share many photos of them for us to enjoy for a long time to come!♥☺♥


LOL, that's purrrfect, Impie! :DD
In answer to your caption, Ollie's probably thinking: "Duuuude! Chill out!" (haha)
No worries! Thanks for joining in the fun on this one. :-))


Awww, thanks Nillie! Glad you enjoyed my boys and the tulips! :-)) Tavish and Oliver have a big birthday coming up on the 30th! :-))


I missed this one too, Nancy. Sorry. They look so adorable♥

Tavi:"I wanna play, so Ollie, wake U-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-P"


Saw them just now... definitely sweet kitties :-)) Thanks♥
p.s. Beautiful Tulips!!


LOL, both options!
Funny thing is, Oliver has been more the super energetic one..........often at 2, 3 or 4am..........while Tavish has been the quieter one. As they both continue to find their feet, roles have reversed just a bit. Thanks for playing! :-))


Squeeeeee! So adorable!

Poor Oliver's expression says "dear god, somebody tell the hyper one to chill out..." Of course, I may be projecting :)

A caption can be "Not again..."




HaaaaHaaaHaaaa!!! I just love that joke, Oliver!


ILJC - sorry I missed your very nice comment! Much appreciated. :-)) Stop by anytime!


Anne, perhaps Oliver is unimpressed by Tavi's joke/story because he's heard it a hundred times while Tavi still thinks it's hilarious? LOL

You've got that right, Betty! I also had a very retro moment and thought of "I want my MTV!" :D

You woke me up, but not for long! Adorable!


"Hey, Mom! Watcha doing? Let us sleep!" No doubt they will get even for the disturbance of picture taking. Oliver looks more like a "well, whatever" kind of guy! So-o-o-o-o cute!

Tavish and Oliver are adorable.

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17 November 2020 - 1 December 2019
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