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  1. golakers2414:28
  2. JAT77716:09
  3. player662tall23:24
  4. SeanSpicer23:30
  5. pholmes26:44
  6. Walkerprice37:32
  7. Scarborough8143:37
  8. ursulaj61:03:44
  9. mae1:13:43
  10. Valor11:24:29


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It looks like the same man in both pictures.


Thanks, websum. Your explanation is what was needed!

The only difference is that the person holding the camera move a little way away from the building and changed the angle of the picture. Unless they are twins it is the same gentleman in both pictures.


Both are holding something yellow/green in their right hand. Both have just a bit of white cuff showing on right sleeve. If you cover the faces, they are almost identical.

It may well be 2 different guys. Left leg straight - see where hand hits the railing - 2 different heights Cold be a perspective thing. Can you help us out, player662tall??


I think it's the same man in slightly different poses.

Yeah, they do look pretty cool don’t they?


It would be super to have some info about these two handsome guys. Are they groomsmen? Part of a musical group? Models?

Why this advertisement?