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Misha & Riff Much Loved
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  1. rhaquil3:24
  2. slavka13:32
  3. Skarvada4:02
  4. carrps4:23
  5. JGalt4:42
  6. peggy665:05
  7. LaPaloma5:12
  8. txgrany5:27
  9. beyondwords5:28
  10. nichojl17:11


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Thank you Virginia. They has personalities to match, although Misha made sure Riff know who was boss.


They are both so Pretty.


Tisketsmum, thank you for understanding. Riff died suddenly in April probably a heart attack. Misha was in end stage renal failure and the vet had no other choice for us. They were such a fun couple. Abyssinians run like girls, they throw their legs out to the side not straight back. These guys were into everything and ready to be besties with everyone they met.


I'm so sorry to read that you've now had to let go of both your beloved cats. We had to let go of Tisket in April and we still miss her loads. Try to take comfort in the great life you gave them. 💜


Thank you.


Misha just yesterday! Condolences, condolences! You chose a very cute photo to post in remembrance of your years together.


Riff died in April & Misha yesterday. I miss them. They had wonderful personalities.


Two beauties, now gone. You must still miss them.

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