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Cyclone Marcia has crossed the Queensland Coast near Yippoon

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Winds of up to 230 km per hour are expected as this category 5, the highest category, hits Rockhampton, on the Queensland Coast. People have been told to not go outside, many have boarded up their windows and doors and gone to a safe center.
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Good afternoon cilycoed, I wanted to pop over to give my congratulations on the recent birth of your great grandchild. I had read this on a puzzle both, you and I had had recently solved. I know your heart is full of joy and love. Sending my best of wishes to you and your family :)


This is beautiful. I pray all is well and that everyone stays safe. I also just want to thank you for your kind comment on my pink asters flowers puzzle back in November. I'm sorry I didn't see the message earlier. I only came across it because brightspark solved it and left a message, it was then that I saw jigidi members' kind messages. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia (which I think I knew I had as it's part of the ME), but they want to do more tests to rule out rheumatoid arthritis. I can't have the tests done yet because I had a fall a few weeks back and badly damaged my leg - ended up in A&E with a big hole in it after tripping over the oven door which I'd left open to dry after cleaning. The corner of the door ripped into my bare flesh and tore a hole nearly down to the bone. I've done it before but had jeans, socks, slipper boots on, so was just hefty bruise and a bit of a dent, but this time was different. I think I have learned my lesson now. I have now taken over dressing it myself (had home visits, then weekly trips to my local surgery for dressings), but I still can't go swimming yet - something I miss as it's part of my exercise regime which I need as I'm putting on weight through lack of exercise! I can't even use my exercise bike and cross trainer yet - something to look forward to. I'm so sorry I didn't answer your message sooner. Thank you again. Sending Best Wishes x Nicky x


No one cared about the spelling of Yeppoon, hugs dear friend,


Hi again dear Phyllis, all OK now after a rough night. We didn't get the horrible winds, just lots of rain.
Marge and Nev are far away and should be fine. Thanks so much for your prayers. hugs to you. ♥


I also realised that it is Yeppoon, not Yippoon, sorry Jan:-(


Hi Jan, how are you now, all I could think was too show our Jigidi family what would be happening near you. I hope Nev and Marge are ok too, praying you are not only safe, but your family and friends as well, many hugs - Phyllis


Thanks Aishahm and Lunie, we had a rough night but all is well. Hugs.

Thanks Phyllis for using your puzzle! ♥


I hope you and Rob will be spared from this cyclone Jan...was always thinking of you while watching the news on TV... Our prayers are with you...Thanks Phyllis.


Praying that everyone in the path of this storm stays safe. : )


Hi dear Phyllis, it has left Yeppoon very badly damaged as well as Rockhampton, all with no power, houses with rooves torn off etc. They had wind gusts up to 290 km per hour. We are now feeling the wind and rain and praying it will calm down in the night. The rain is not a worry, but I hate wild winds. So please say a little prayer for us. Also for Brisbane and around there, who are having huge rains.
Thanks and hugs.

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