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Now the whole family is complete!

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As you can see, it is already dark at 5:15 pm when the picture was taken.
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@MarinaNephele, thanks. Have read it diagonally, but really don't understand much of anything there....


Jaklien there is a problem with Jigidi and Social Media Sharing. Brightspark put down a complaint, which I think concerns us all. You can read it here :


Gospelgrandma, I think it's a pleasing picture too ♥


Love, love, love this family of snowmen posing with "their people!" Such a happy photo!!


They are very happy children anyway!


Oh well done girls! Look at your girls shining faces how very lovely


Carol, They look happy, and so does the snowy family ☺


Lovely snow family, human and snow!!!


Yes Ella, it was the first snow. Last year it didn't snow at all. The girls had a lot of fun, that makes me happy too.
Stay healthy, and for later sleep well.


Amazing family of snowman. Was it the first snow? I think your two granddaughters were very happy to be able to build them. Many greetings to all of you and stay safe, Ella


Dobra, not directly, they live 17 km away.


@jerrys, this photo made me smile. Children's imaginations are inexhaustible


Great! You are in good company! :-)


@Jaklien Sweet!


My pleasure ☺


Ajazaja, absolutně neumím česky. Možná kde lépe, když to překládáš do univerzálního jazyka angličtina? Děkuji - a přeji hezký večer.


Ianto, that's the way they are ;-)

Určitě nejsem smutná. Je to jen špatný překlad.

That is still wonderful. They shared their good time with everyone.


Ajazaja, Nikdo není smutný, doufám, že ani vy.


Ianto, I wasn't outside, my daughter forwarded those pictures via whatsapp ;-)


Die gaan van de nacht goed slapen. :-))) ♥


Dag Raaike. Hier sneeuwt het van 14u en momenteel is het gedaan. Mijn dochter stuurde die foto's door met whatsapp. De kinderen zijn nu net binnen en genieten van warme chocomelk, hun warme pyjama en een leuk filmpje (zegt mijn dochter).

Jednomu by bylo smutno


Jaklien, wat knap die sneeuw foto reeks !
De meisjes hebben een toffe namiddag gehad.
Hier is het pas beginnen sneeuwen rond 16 u, heel fijne poedersneeuw.
Dus we hebben maar een fijn laagje gekregen, spijtig voor de kinderen hier in de buurt. Want er was niet genoeg sneeuw om zo 'n prachtige sneeuwpoppen te maken. :-))) ♥

That it is, now go inside for warm drinks and food.


Funny, isn't it?

Got it, Mom, dad and baby. Fun.

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