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Currawong visit.

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This young Currawong landed on our back veranda railing yesterday - and was only about 1 metre away from me. We fed it and another one some beef mince (ground beef) and then they both sat in the trees and serenaded us! They have a lovely melodic call that sounds happy!!

This is a link to a YouTube clip of their call:

Brisbane, Australia.
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Thanks Janet:))

This one is an Aussie native Laura - but he may have a cousin in Africa:))))
I agree wholeheartedly with you there:((((( Thanks :)))

It's a very young one Gracie - thanks :)))


He looks very alert! nice shot Rob.


Reading Beekay's comment...I sure miss my star, too. Our names look naked.


This may be the bird that serenaded us all the time in Uganda! Not sure but they look and sound the same. Fantastic bird, Robyn!


I quite agree Rob, I used to bring up My Favourites and work my way through from the last puzzle I'd done the night before, to the latest posted and I knew exactly were I was and if a few more came on later, I could catch them too. Now I have no idea if new postings are on or not. I feel like a very dizzy butterfly, and I fear I'm missing some too. Hugs. ♥


LOL!! I've done that BK - thanks :)) But it's just not the same as having all your favourites puzzles in one place:((((((( I can accept no stars (except on the followers list) but it's a real pain in the but flitting back and forward all the time!! I find it best to go through and bookmark those I want to solve!!! Now I'm off to see if I've missed any new puzzles:)))) Thanks BK:)))


I saw your note to Janet...this is info I left for her on an earlier puzzle...
If you click on your username on the upper right side of the header then look on the next line down for "followed users" and click on it will find that "followed users" is basically the same as the "favorites" listing...and for now everyone still has stars there (Shhhh I suspect it's an oversight and they will disappear there too)
I feel lost without the star also :-(((


LOL!! that's cool Patti:))))) Actually Layla cat was sitting nearby watching this cheeky birds antics:)))...and it was watching her!!! Thanks :)))

Thanks Janet:))) These have taken up residence here - and are feeding a young one:))) It makes a very monotonous squawk - all the time!!!

It sure is a solid beak BK - and it's about 1 1/2" long!!!Thanks :)))

Thanks Barb - they actually have tiny black whiskers too:)))

I LOVE their call Morris - thanks :)))))

It's fairly high up in the local pecking order Heidi - thanks:)))

Much better than our Crows too Floyd:)))) Thanks :)))

You'll have to come up and hear them in Queensland Nev:))))) Thanks :)))

LOL!! Now that would be interesting to watch Dave:)))) Layla's pretty blasé about all our birds - except for the slightly dumb Crested Pigeons:))))) Thanks Dave :))))


Neat song! After reading Patti's comment, I'll have to play it to our cats. :)


None here where we live, Rob, but my Dad had them up in the Blue Mountains when he resided there. ♥♥♥


They have a pleasant sound, a lot better
than crows or ravens that we have.
Great capture.


This looks like a VERY intelligent bird.

Off to listen, now.


they do sound Happy!!


I love your collage Rob, they are great looking birds. The beak definitely is scary...LOL I love their song too....thanks Rob :)


That beak looks like it means business! Thanks for the link. They really sound pretty and I can understand why you are so happy to have them visit you.


Rob, a fabulous collage. I love these birds and especially their song. They arrive here in autumn and leave in spring, maybe for the Bunyas! We have a few that stay and live in the river bed, actually. To us they are a sign of autumn. Thanks and hugs my friend ♥


Great photos! And thanks for the link! I loved hearing them -- and so did my cat. :)


Yes Lunie - they are native to Australia. They have white under their tail and on their wings - and make much nicer noises than the Crow's CAW-CAW:))))) Thanks ;)))

I'd imagine there'd be plenty there Shirley! I love it at dusk - when they seem to sing the most:))) Thanks Shirley:)))


Thanks chookie:)) Someone else around the neighbourhood must have started feeding them - as they were quite tame! We get Maggies too - but they don't front up like this:))) We sat the beef on the railing - and it went quick smart!!

So you're back Down Under Sally? We don't get the Grey here - must be just a WA species! We never had these until a couple of years ago - they just 'arrived' and are now feeding fledglings!!! Thanks Sally - and Happy New Year to you and the family:))))


I haven't had a Currawong visit but I know there are many up the Bunya Mountains the last time I was up there, love their song, Thanks, Rob.


So melodious...are they native to Aussie Rob? They look like our crows here.


Thanks, Rob, what a treat.... The lovely photos and the chance to listen to these delightful birds.... Haven't seen any Currawongs here in WA, yet.... We do get the Grey Currawong but the Pied is only seen on the east coast.... Happy New Year Rob..... 。◕‿◕。❤。◕‿◕。


You do have some wonderful birds come visit you, rob, this one is unknown around here - we have the Murray Magpie to serenade us - but not this one! They were game enough to take food from you too - then rewarded you with their call. A great post mate!

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