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Dotty Buttons

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600 pieces
549 solves
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  1. Weathergirl7752:44
  2. yeo1:07:22
  3. Puzzlike1:08:09
  4. Elisa11:10:01
  5. mushroomhunter1:13:48
  6. Marialiss1:14:49
  7. smiledawn1:16:10
  8. salzstuf1:18:16
  9. kkmachar1:18:29
  10. colvi1:20:15


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Thanks, jusangi! You make my day better ☺

Loved the colors!


The occupational hazard of solving dotty puzzles ☺
Thanks, Bob

PS I thought it very challenging too and how someone solved it in under an hour is hard to take in!

FM: A very challenging puzzle. Will be see spots all evening long.


Thanks, Aevans - appreciate your kind comment.


Oh my goodness, you really did it, mate! Proud of you for sticking at it! We didn't know about the automatic 20 secs for pausing - that stinks! I pause a lot solving big puzzles - need to rest the old eyes etc - it's not a big deal what the real solve time is but I detest being forced to have the added 20 secs. I hope it will be blinkin' well fixed.
OK, enough whingeing ☺
Thanks for choosing my puzzle for your first 600 solve - I am honoured! ♥ ♥ from us

Great fun colorful puzzle


Well, Chrissie, wonders will never cease, I've just finished this (my first 600 piece) puzzle, now my time was 2:22:02, I had to pause it twice and automatically that takes 40 seconds ( 20 seconds each pause) so that brings it back to a more acceptable time :))) I'm not sure I'd take on too many 600 piece puzzle though. Thanks, Chrissie.♥♥


Thank you, kfolstad. Huge sums it up well ☺


Love the huge solve!


LOL and more LOL, fred! You picked a bright one for your first 600 piece solve ☺


LOL... your family is quite wrong about that dottiness, Janet.
You're as sane as me... hang on, maybe you are dotty after all!


Whee! My first 600 piece, and such a fun one! Thanks for the pleasure, a cup of tea and then a nap sounds very good!!! Lol


Now I really am dotty - my family have thought so for years! Didn't quite make the board but a fun puzzle - thank you . Cheers, Janet


Thanks, Susan! I am liking this new 600 size but I must admit I wouldn't tackle one unless it had clear colours like this one LOL.


What a terrific puzzle! I love these ginormous ones, especially when the shapes are as colorful and unique as these. Thanks so much for sharing with us.


G'day Crashie. Thanks - it was my first 600 solve too! Took forever but fun to work one so big.

We're both doing well, thanks. Hope the same for you and Roy. I think you are wise to stay put. It is weird out there in some spots. Your gear can be picked up any time. It's not like it's going anywhere without you ☺
You two take extra good care of each other. I know you'll be smiling and laughing as per usual. Chins up! Hugs from us both ♥ ♥


Hi Foxy, This was my first 600 piece puzzle. I liked it. It was a lot of fun to solve with the different patterns. I like the 3-D effect you gave the buttons. Thanks for creating and posting this.

I hope you and Sally are doing well. It seems like the world is going crazy. We're staying put in Maine even though we considered a trip back to Rochester to get the rest of our belongings. The virus in this part of the country isn't so bad but there are other happenings we wish to avoid. Please take care, stay healthy, laugh and love. Hugs to both of you. (((( ))))

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