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Godspeed, Cecil.

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  1. hamcar1:19
  2. Kryger1:22
  3. stupiddream1:32
  4. eliskaruza1:33
  5. Trustyveti1:35
  6. Robbos1:38
  7. osprey1:42
  8. TINKY1:46
  9. alpema1:48
  10. riwe1:50


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You're right - I was being too nice !


I like that idea. We could even smear them with meat, then turn the wild lions after them! Do they really deserve a five-minute start? How about two?

Thanks for dropping by and making that very good proposal!


Made my blood boil when Cecil was killed. How about we give these trophy hunters a taste of their own medicine ? A 5 minute start, then all bets are off !! - thanks Elvis for this one :-)))


Thank you, yellowgal.

Thank you so much for honoring this amazing cat, so senselessly murdered. I'd like to think that the perpetrator shall answer to a higher power.


Thank you all for your comments. Your outrage is appropriate. The crazy thing is that the man who killed Cecil faces no consequences. The guides who lured him out are facing some kind of charges and penalties, but the actual hunter answers only to his own conscience. Well, that and the scores of protesters who have been haranguing him since his return.


RIP Cecil and all the other animals killed in this mindless way by mindless idiots.



"He's beautiful and unusual, so I want to kill him!" When a new male takes over Cecil's pride of females, the new one will kill all of Cecil's children, so he will be eradicated. How sad. How needless........

Poor Cecil, brought down by some driveling idjit with more money than brains, no doubt attired in the latest hunter fashions prancing around in true Elmer Fudd style------Shhhh I'm hunting Wions.
I have no problem with those who hunt for food as has always been their right and need.
But this, pathetic, bloodthirsty, greed did I mention stupid, has no excuse.
I can only hope that the money which is probably more than all the people in all the surrounding villages, including the park rangers would see in many, many years somehow makes it back to them.
We can put people on the moon but will somebody please, please invent the idiot detector soon!

Ah, poor Cecil .RIP


Lovely tribute to Cecil.

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