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Three orchids in the kitchen

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I'm not sure why, but my orchids seemed to really blossom nicely this winter! I wish I had a better camera.
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Hi there Rose, no but we do have two female Himalayan cat's that we've had since they were 8 weeks old and now their going on 17 years old on this May 5th. Their both from the same litter and their indoor cats. They've NEVER been outside the house in their entire lives. I've heard that they live longer if you do that. And we don't ever feed them people food either, they are on senior cat food right now, because it's easier for them the chew. I LOVE cats too, but my husband hates the litter smell even though we keep their litter boxes clean on a regular basis. He's told me that after these cats have gone to kitty Heaven that we can get a small lap dog instead, but I'll be the one in charge of picking up HER, "because it's going to be a girl" poopies, which is alright by me. Lots of Meows and hugs, Monica ♥♥♥ ☺


Hi Monica, keep at it! I've killed a few over the years, too. I'm down to about 25 now, and this winter they've been great. Just remember to use a very weak fertilizer, and never let their feet stay wet!
I've meant to ask you - is your kitten image one you have or just a really cute one you like? I love cats!


Three very beautiful Orchids in the kitchen. I had mine for about 4 years and then it up and died on me. I don't know why, as I was feeding it Orchid food every week when I watered it. I'm going to get me another one and start over again though. Wish me luck! haha TFS....Hugs, Monica ♥♥♥


I give them Shultz Orchid Food about once a week if I'm diligent.
The little Oncidium on the right (Marguerite) smells like vanilla. I love that they flower in the winter when everything outside is buried in snow! Rose


Omg! They are stunning. What fertilizer do you use?

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