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No Kittens Harmed in the taking of this Photo! ☺☺☺

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Okay, there is another litter of little ones outside and they'd figured out how to climb up on the table. I went to get the camera and as I came back to take a picture through the door this little one stretched and rolled off the table just as I snapped the picture catching the little acrobat in midair. The look on that sweet little face is priceless.
Just like we do when we all, he quickly got up and looked around to see who saw him. ☺☺☺
He/she is perfectly fine and I got to hold it this morning. Mama G is planning to rehome as soon they are weaned. Not sure what the blob" at the bottom is.
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  1. babray3:24
  2. tisketsmum3:54
  3. Mladipryc3:56
  4. debdaz4:04
  5. mavet4:14
  6. EllaMB4:36
  7. calluna4:44
  8. Chilichucker5:00
  9. Impie5:05
  10. aussiepm5:55


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Oops! I meant to do that! Just preparing for the next olympics!

Me, too, Patsy.

Thanks, Betty. I should have figured that out. Little Mama is special, and so are her kids. I hope the latest mom becomes a success story for everybody. ~Patsy

Her name is Little Mama, because of her size and the face that she reminded us (Mama G & I) of one she called Little mama. The big Scallywag Squad are her kids.

Thanks for the update on the moms. What's the name of the one on your desk? Sounds like a success story. I have trouble keeping track of your big fur family.

Thanks, Nancy & beyondwords. I cannot decide what it is. Glad yo liked the title, it seemed very appropriate considering the little one in free flight. Beyondwords, this is another mama and to my knowledge it is her first litter. The mom from last years litter is sitting happily on my desk demanding attention!


Whee! Perfect title, Betty! Adorable little acrobat on your very tempting jungle gym. 😊😊
Agree that the "blob" looks like something out of focus in very close to the, perhaps?
Appreciate all you and Mama G do to rehome these sweeties! 😊

Nice story, nicely illustrated with your photo. I can't remember the beginning of this story. How is the mama of these kittens getting by with having more litters? I'm glad Mama G is ready to step in.


The blob at the bottom looks like maybe a flower that's too close to the camera, since the focus is on the kitten in the background.

Thanks, Impie, you are right on that, I've not seen them on the table again, well, take that back! One of the siblings was sleeping on the left hand support this morning. Little daredevils! :)))


Aww...great shot, Betty, perfect timing:-)) I'm glad to hear this kitten wasn't hurt, though. He/she probably won't try this again in a hurry! :-))

Děkuju! Thank you!

Perfektní foto !!!

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18 November 2020 - 25 October 2017
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