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Danish sayings :-)

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Thank you so much Mble for the laughs :-))))

I use that Marina and my grandsons knows it too :-))))

I am glad we can develope the english Juba :-))))))))


I like the rotating fart too Marina. I’m going to try and use that one. Better English would be....You have a rotating fart in your cap.


I think the first one "the rotating fart" made me burst to laughter..ahaha!

I know some silly sounding ones. As useless as tits on a boar hog.== Boar(male) hogs don't need teats(tits) as the young do not suckle on them.
If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. == Just wishing doesn't get you anything, work toward what you want.
No sense getting half wet. == Jump into a project whole heartedly, or, don't just talk around the problem-do something.


Dear friends. So much new learning and from all parts of the world :-))))

Thank you so much for making us understand much more of each others sayings :-))))))))))))))

He is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.


As I left England as a child, I don't know a lot of English sayings (that are not translatable) any more.
I do remember: 'it's raining cats and dogs' which I thought very strange. It just means: it is raining very hard.
And indeed, the sayings I translated into English do sound stupid and are 'un-usable', but in Dutch language they are very normal and well understood! Although, like others already said, the youth tends to have complete different sayings nowadays!


They are interesting thanks Sissel, two (well three) of my favourite Aussie saying are "Flat out like a lizard drinking" means you are VERY busy and "He's one sheep short of a paddock (field") which means he's not the most smart, and also "He's not the brightest crayon in the box" (same meaning.) Hugs to you. ♥♥


It makes less sense than “ Everything is bottling itself now. “


My favorite Australian saying and my grandson loves it: Bob’s your uncle, and Charlie’s your aunt.
It means it worked, or you did it. Success.


They probably make more sense in Danish, since no language translates exactly.


Thanks Juba :-)))

We learn a lot today Dawn and fun. Thank you for coming by :-))))


I like the saying, "It costs the white out of the eye". Similar to, "It costs an arm and a leg".


Saying the wrong thing= putting your foot in your mouth.


Thanks so much Juba. I understand it :-)))))
Brain wash = you are forced to know one "kind of knowledge" religious, politic, and don't accept others :-)


l thought brain-fart meant something else: like saying the wrong thing!


Brain fart= forgetting something ;-)


:-)))) Jean


Me too, Sissel- Welcome to the club it is a nuisance to belong to!


Thank you so much Juba. New learning in Jigidi school :-)))))

I know what you mean Jean. I have been writing down for 11 years now - just need to know where I put the paper :-)))))


We have funny sayings in the States too- and right now i cannot think of a single one!
(But in five minutes a dozen will pop into my mind!)
l guess l have lost my marbles!


Lol Sissel. Love this. :-)


Thank you Pammi and Jimez.

We "talk funny" in Denmark and some of it the youngs don't know why we say so or what it means. I try to give these sayings further to my grandsons cause it gives some fun :-))))))
I even have bought a dictionary called "Sayings in danish". It gives me english, german and frensh "sayings" too


I never knew that those pastries were so vocal. :D


Sissel and Lia, it all looks like 'double dutch' to me but I sure got a lot of laughs out of your translations. Pointy ass? Now I will have to keep looking over my shoulder to make sure my neat little derrière is not pointing like a six gun at people walking behind me. Oh, dear!! ☺☺☺☺


Good morning Lia and thanks. I wonder who "invented" these sayings :-))))


I love these translations.
A lot of Dutch sayings sound stupid too if translated!!

'it's raining steel-pipes'
'you are standing for pole'
'it's all cookie and egg'
'that is a sandwich ape story'
'own fault, fat bump'