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Happy Halloween, A Little Late!

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Here is one photo for now:

This was taken with a cell phone, and has some serious red-eye, but we haven't downloaded the others to the computer yet.


Thanks, Jan! I had originally colored this with three shades of orange, rust, and burnt orange, and it was nice, but that's all. So I decided to change the darkest color to black, which made that part of the swirl disappear into the background, and gave it those points. I think it's much more dramatic this way, too!

And a happy belated Halloween to you, too, whatnauts! Thank you! :-)

Hello, Jill/Julia/Jekyll! Thanks--it feels SO good to be back!

It's wonderful for me to be posting and reading comments again too, Kathy! And I appreciate your thoughts for us and the wedding--we were so lucky in the end! And your time is fabulous--just one second off!!!


Oh, how wonderful to work one of your puzzles again, Pat! So glad you are back to Jigidi, but most importantly that you all are safe and sound and that the wedding was a success!
PS - I'm so happy to have you back that I almost tied Mandy!


I think you had an acceptable reason for being late, to say the least! Welcome back, Pat!


Thanks PD, happy belated halloween!!


This puzzle was dynamite! Fun to solve and beautiful! I love the extra touch of those little pointy ends on the curves. Very nice! Thanks so much, Pat!


Thanks so much, Mandy, Barb, lela, and Ardy! I made this and the pumpkin one the week before the storm, so I would have puzzles for Halloween, but the best laid plans of mice and men and all that...! It does look like the swirl of a hurricane on a satellite image, doesn't it?! Maybe I was prescient...! Thanks to you all again for your concern--it's so nice to be back, and to have yesterday with such great memories to wipe away all the others!


The eye of the hurricane? So glad you are back safely and that the wedding take place with good memories. It was wonderful that you could communicate with Wendy and that she could and did communicate with Jigidi. Thank you. You couldn't come back with nicer puzzles, Looking forward to wedding pictures.


Oooh!...Impressive return!...Welcome back to the nut-house....again!....


Welcome back, Pat .... I sure missed your daily swirls, but more importantly, I was concerned about you and how you were managing. Glad to see you coped well and that things are starting to get back to normal. :-)


Pat - I am so happy to see you safe and sound after your awful adventure - and happy to hear you at least were able to keep your fridge going. This is a fabulous Halloween swirl - well done for getting this set posted so quickly after you've had your power restored, thankyou.


Thanks so much, Ms. Wendy!

We could only run one thing on the extension cord when we finally got it, and so we chose the refrigerator! I hadn't been able to get to Jigidi until yesterday, when our power finally came back and then we had the wedding, so this set of puzzles is my first in a long time! Good to see you, too, Ank!


Hi Pat, you're back. I'm happy for you. Does this mean you have power again, or is this still a line from the neighbor? It's great to see you again. Now I gonna solve this beauty. See you.


This is one WONDERFUL Halloween swirl, Ms. Pat. :-)

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