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Snad se dají oba dopořádku Jaruš, uvidíme, byla by jich škoda. Já si myslím, že ten můj spálilo ostré sluníčko, vodu má, snažím se zalévat aspoň pitnou


Já dnes fotila rododendron, který od sousedů prorostl ke mně a také je takový povadlý.
Také se mu něco nelíbí.


I think so, too, @paintswithwords - but I don't see that happening; plus, the kids are moving this summer from this lovely quiet condo complex. I won't miss them ;-)
Your puzzle name sounds like it could be from the movie "Dances With Wolves" ...
I like it!


paintswithwords Thank you for your opinion and comment

I have two plants about this color, but they have already finished blooming. As for those kids, I think the parents should pay damages to you, and then take it out of the kids' allowance.


Jaruš a jeden s názvem Blue Peter jeden den rozkvetl, měl divně malé květy a druhý den byl zvadlý, tak nevím, co se stalo


Nádherný květ, škoda, že nekvetou déle.


Evi taky se mi líbí

Krásné zbarvení .


Díky Elli


Krásné, Intí, je jich letos opravdu hodně a krásných. Děkuji a srdečně zdravím.

Ty rododendrony se ale letos moc vydařily...měj se krásně, Inti. ♥♥♥


Kath I would be furious too, and how! We have a fence, so strangers and children can't get here. I'm finishing today, but if you send a photo, I'll be happy to take a look and solve the puzzle.


Oh yes, blooming! BIG shrub, but I was furious with those thoughtless unsupervised
kids. I'll post a photo for you! It's fine, just minus a few blossoms, it'll re-grow!


Kath Thank you very much, I also like this rhododendron. It's a pity for your rhododendron, I'm sorry the kids tore off his buds.
If any flowers bloom, let me know.


Také děkuji, mám sama radost, protože jsem fotila se stařičkým foťákem a náhodou se zadařilo. I ta barva docela sedí


GORgeous! I have this out front, Right now, & could have taken the same photo!
Last year I posted a Bee on a bloom like this! Neighbor kids here were pulling my buds OFF & throwing them at a little boy! I went running downstairs after seeing them from the upstairs window with hands full.."What ARE you DOING!? Those are buds about to Open!" Stop! Ohhhh, angry! Such Beauty, this shrub! Lovely, lovely photo!


Moc hezký detail květu... děkuji za sdílení. :-))

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