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Ear on alert!

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I have no idea what Elsa spotted - or what she thought she saw.... But with only one ear poised, she was maybe just preparing for going on full alert should the need arise! ☺
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Thanks Pat! ☺


Something caught her attention .. Love it ..


Thank you Val! It amuses me that each ear can be doing different things! ☺


Great photo Lorna with the ears on alert thank you ☺♥





Too true Ianto! Thanks ☺

The instincts never go away. But everyone slows down.


Yes, and then she got older, and slower, though her greyhound chase instinct hasn't deserted her entirely, it is much easier to cope with! ☺

It took time then, but she learned.


Hmm, not sure Elsa learned anything - not for a few more years anyway! ☺☺☺

I'm just glad that you didn't fall. All three of you learned that day.


LOL, that could be it Suzy! Thank you. ☺

Thanks Jill. Elsa does have rather 'mobile' ears! ☺

Indeed Ianto! Very soon after bringing her home (when she was 4) I was walking with her and my other big greyhound when she saw a squirrel. I held onto her lead as she and I were practically flying through the air towards a very steep bank with a stream at the bottom - and my other dog was racing to keep up with us. Luckily I got my balance in time to put Elsa's brakes on! Thankfully, now she is my only dog, and more than 5 years older, she is less likely to charge off, and if I have spotted the potential prey too, is also more responsive to me telling her to "leave it"☺

So she would have dragged you along with her. Ouch.


Such a cute photo Lorna. Delightful thanks


Perhaps she spied the dreaded LERT!!!! :))))

(This is a great photo!)


A VERY good thing Ianto, especially as she was attached to me on her lead! Fortunately she is less reactive than her much younger self. ☺

Thanks Patti! Could be, but I really have no idea. If she'd had both ears on alert I would have been more wary, and probably not have been concentrating on the camera.... ☺


Love this! (Maybe a squirrel?) Thanks Lorna!

Not running towards the sound was a good thing.


I think so Ianto! ☺

Then there was something out there. Someplace.


Hello Ank. Yes, her eyes are good thank you - she wears her sunglasses and hasn't needed any steroid eye drops for over a year now. ☺ Hugs back to you ♥


A nice set of photos, Lorna. It is clearly spring and I like to see that. But this photo is my favourite. ☺ I understand from your comments that her eyes are doing well. That makes me happy. Hugs ♥♥♥☼♥♥♥


I am pretty sure she thought she saw something Tea, even if it was just fresh air! Greyhounds are so lazy she wouldn't put an ear on alert if she didn't need to! ☺


Elsa might have been teasing you😂
Thank you Lorna . .


I'd heard a dog barking in the distance Ianto, but saw nothing she'd be interested in. But of course, as a sighthound her eyesight is a lot better than mine! ☺

What it there.

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