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Brookside Gardens At Christmas

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Campers under a shelter enjoying a fire. A fire would have felt really good that evening.
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You're welcome, Lunie. It turned out better than most of the photos.


This is one of my favorites from your Brookside Gardens posts Ardy. Thanks.


Thanks, AB. When friends come they must have priority. Jigidi will still be here when they are gone. Hope you had a great time with them.


Thanks, Pat.


Hello Ardy, at first I also thought it was a nativity scene, but reading your comments I understand why not.
A real fire would have been very welcome I guess.
We have had a couple of busy days with friends staying overnight, which means jigidi took a back seat....unfortunately.


Just beautiful !!!


Pam, Jill, Faye, Suzy, Shirley - At this time of year such a scene would bring the Nativity to mind but these were common people getting warm by their fire. Amazing how real the lights make these look. Pleased you enjoyed the scene. Thank you.

Pam, that's way too cold for Florida. It got into the 40's the year I was in Florida and where I was living did not have heat. Our small hallway opened into my bedroom where there was a small gas heater in one corner. My bedroom opened into my apartment mate's bedroom which opened into the kitchen. One could also enter the kitchen from the hall. We kept my door closed and the kitchen door closed with the doors to the two bedrooms open. My gas heater worked overtime. We graded papers at night sitting in front of the oven with the oven door open. I hope you have central heat that is turned on. Wow. Stay warm.

Jill, I'm glad you enjoyed this. A real fire would have felt really good!!!

Faye, Bless you for caring for tiny hummingbirds. I hope all your efforts work well. That's going to be so very cold for you. It would be cold for here as well. Take care. May you and your hummers stay warm. Hugs πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Suzy, good they have shelter from the cold. This one one of the better photos. Hugs!!

Shirley, there were no religious scenes of any kind. So many religions are represented in this area but the display here can cater to all without offending any. Everything was nature oriented - no Santas or reindeer etc.


My first thoughts were the same as all the other ladies, that this was a Nativity Scene, This is a beautiful scene, Thanks, Ardy.


Thank you, Suzy. The feeders have been really busy today...starting in the dark @ 6:30 a.m...and fortunately they are sharing...most of the time...sometimes two on the same feeder. There are a number of people in our complex with feeders out but I don't know if they are checking to see if they are slushing up or not...hope so. β™₯️


Pam and Jill AND Faye....all have the same first impression that I did. What a pretty shelter, Ardy!

Faye--On behalf of the hummingbirds, I thank you. Your efforts life-saving efforts and take diligence and effort on your part, Thank you. 🐀 πŸ‘πŸ’˜


Make that three! LOL πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

Snowing I'm running back and forth to the hummingbird feeders to see that they are still liquid. The big feeder with the heater is fine though I had to bring it in to wash the lid as the snow was icing up. You have to dry inside the tiny feeding holes, too, or their beaks might freeze to it. The little feeder "slushed up", so I stuck a toe warmer pack to it and so far it seems to be keeping the sugar water from freezing. Sure hope it works in the -10ΒΊC predicted for Thursday.


I, like Pam, initially thought it a nativity scene. Great display Thanks Ardy


Ardy, When I first viewed this in my Notifications, I thought it was a Nativity scene. I can imagine you would have welcomed the campfire on your cold evening visit. Good shot of the camping scene in lights - thanks for sharing. ✬β™₯︎☺︎β™₯︎✬

Cold comes to Tampa next Saturday (Christmas Eve). Our high is predicted to be 48F. That is really cold for a low here, never mind a high!!

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