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It seems I've heard that song before!

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  1. racoon0:11
  2. glenestele0:13
  3. caroshop0:14
  4. truck0:14
  5. 808earline0:14
  6. mariolyn0:15
  7. donnebrook0:15
  8. Dkollar0:16
  9. wjl10150:16
  10. Rosaackles0:16


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Thanks Jana, I hope to be back on Jig regularly in august. hope you have a grand summer too! ♥♥♥


PenSet is absolutely right. Thank you Mimi, I hope, you have a very nice summer, hugs dear.♥♥♥


LOL Nicepeach - I've had experience with this too!

That's the smart answer to this dilemma, Penset! Thanks!


THAT'S why we have a dog door!


How did you know my dog, Scarlett O'hara plays this game and also gets very impatient when I do not obey. Too funny. Mary


Now that's probably the case Bluebird!

They know what they want Bob and they know exactly how we're supposed to obey!

Treats for doggie - or me, Rebecca????


That takes a lot of energy - you better schedule some treats in there!

My little Dachshund loves the inside outside game and she can become quite indignant when you won't play right


I think maybe what he's really trying to say is "please let's go for a long walk together"

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