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Mama at 19

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My mother when she was 19!


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i think the older sisters kind took over
the oldest sister was 20
i was kind of spoiled
i am the only one left
my dad didn't remarry until i was seventeen


Choo-Choo! Nice to meet You, Mary. And blessings (and the Lords comfort) too. Solid (btw: my second name is Maria :0) )


@dbmc2 No sisters, but 6 much older brothers. That had to be a rough time for all. How did your Dad manage all that? Amazing how they pulled through somehow. That would not happen in today's world. Thanks for commenting. My name is Mary and I live I NW Georgia, near downtown Chattanooga. Blessings.,,


did you have any sisters ?
your mom was a beauty
i don't remember mine
i was 2 and a half when she died
leaving 9 children and a husband
i was born in 1928 she died 1930


She's lovely, Mary!


Thanks Bubble, she was born in 1889, so I would say, you are probably very right. And no doubt she made it herself. She did so much in crocheting and I saw the pieces you have. They are so delicate.
Thanks for your comment. Mary


What a beautiful young lady your mummy was, Np2, and I just love her dress. Do you know what year this was taken - maybe 1920s ? (❀ᴗ❀)




Lovely photo of your Mama! :o)


Monica, my mother and father both had black hair and blue eyes and strangely enough, both had widows peak and I had 6 older brothers, all but 2 had jet black hair and blue eyes and I had jet hair once upon a time, ,lol, and still have blue eyes. 1 brother had auburn hair and blue eyes and another brother has brown hair and blue eyes. Big hugs back and thanks for stopping by. Mary


What a gorgeous woman your mother was. Such a tender young age. I'm wondering how the others knew she had blue eyes when the pic is in black and white. I can't tell what color her eyes are! At any rate, she's very beautiful indeed. Big hugs, Monica


....beautiful fragile lady...


She was really beautiful Mary, & I'll bet she had lovely blue eyes like you do!


She was a true beauty!


What a sweet thing to say. Mary


You got lots from her Mary!