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Village of Geervliet

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  1. kimberlyk9:41
  2. Piskulka9:54
  3. linda180210:50
  4. alias2v12:06
  5. MIROSLAVA5113:13
  6. bazzaf13:39
  7. Trilian13:56
  8. AVYANN14:10
  9. kadho14:20


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How good to be able to meet up like that, 'Waterguppy' contacted me to say she lives just a few miles away from me in a village where my Grandmother was born, how nice is that, we may be able to meet up sometime too, that would be so good. Such a small world we live in! Annetta sounds such a wonderful person and I think very interesting to talk to too!!


Avyann: 'Annetta' was born on this island and 'AnneM57' married in this village and still lives near by. I met her last month!!
During this 3 months camping trip, I also met 'weegkreeft' several times and she will visit me shortly.
And I will surely visit 'Annetta' this summer!
Not to forget 'puzzeljac' whom I hope to see next year, when she feels better....
So Jigidi has become 'personal' for me/us!! Some you can meet (like the persons above), some you can't... like you and me. But still you can 'meet within Jigidi!' Isn't that great.

How lovely you have such good memories of Laren and surroundings! That is a lovely area to live!

This looks a lovely place to visit, quaint, clean and tidy!! I spent a lot of time in Holland, as I remember it, when I was a young girl and one thing that always sticks in my mind is how clean everything always was. I have such a lot of very happy memories. To be able to wander from place to place as you seem to do must be so interesting. I used to bike everywhere along with schoolfriends I made, around Laren and can remember it vividly. Love all your photo's, I don't solve all of them but I do watch out for your postings each day, thank you for sharing................hugs my friend.


Ik geniet iedere dag van dit eiland. Ik ben er nu bijna 5 weken. Iedere dag wel 'iets' gedaan of gezien.
Ik denk er over volgend jaar hier terug te komen; bevalt goed!
Ik was ná Geervliet op weg naar Heenvliet. Was daar nét uit de auto toen er een onweersklap viel. Dus snel er weer in (hond overstuur) en naar de camping. Daar kregen we (zaterdag) ook een flinke bui over ons heen.
Nu druilerig weer. Denkelijk gaan Loes en ik een visje eten in Stellendam! Als 't dan droog is, stukje lopen in Kwaden Hoek natuurgebied.


Wat leuk die foto's van mijn "geboorte" eiland!

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