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Purrsey-Feral Cat

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I adopted Purrsey as a feral cat about 3 months ago from a woman who goes around town feeding feral cats and occasionally trapping one & getting it fixed to re-release. He has become friendly for the most part. Purssey is just a little skittish about a few things but mostly he has become a loveable companion. His age is unknown, only that he is about 10-12 months old. I decided to share my birth date with him, 15 June, since I have no family or any one and don't celebrate it.

Purrsey had been re-released a day after being fixed. He apparently had been attacked by something & his tail was injured. The woman took pictures of his tail over a period of a few months and finally took him to a vet when he lost part of the tail and the rest was just a raw mess.

Being part siamese, he is very talkative, lets me know when he wants food or attention. I started clicker training him recently & he seems to enjoy it. He has a quiet & patient personality, he does flit about the house ocassionally but mostly he relaxes and enjoys the peace & quiet.
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  2. GrandmaJo7:10
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  4. wildbrat7:56
  5. seh739:39
  6. ashdunny15:27
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Ahh, it's Frank! He is absolutely beautiful. I'm so glad you found each other!


The only pictures I have right now are from the lady I adopted from. Trying to get my camera fixed so I'll have pictures to make puzzles with eventually. Thanks


Wishing you many happy years together. :) (And more fun puzzles for us!)


Thank you! He has been great company for me.


Duine, bless your heart for taking him in so he finally can enjoy a good life :)
He is a beautiful cat :)))

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18 November 2020 - 30 August 2016
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