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Planted on federal land in Utah. Apparently.
Why this advertisement?


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I saw an article that it was most l8ely left over fro either a TV or movie set as the area has been used since the 1940’s as a backdrop for westerns and sci-fi programs.

They have been here for years.


Showed up on the national news in Straya. My theory is anything that’s NOT beervirus or round and orange and tweets is a much-needed diversion at the mo.

Wow, my mom was right - there are no haphazard "coincidences" - just last night I saw a YouTube video discussing this object - 2020 has been filled with "coincidences" for me to notice - thanks Ms_Maddy for posting this :) Sun 11/29/20

What ever works.


It was my parents old coffee table! Made out of a commercial refrigerator door. Was the electrical tape still on the corners my dad put there to protect us kids?


The article says it was made of 3 pieces of aluminum riveted together, with 3 rivets on the top missing. It was hollow.
So it was probably lightweight and easy to transport.
No idea how big it was because no idea how much was underground. It was 10 - 12 feet tall above ground.


I never believed the "weather balloon" stories either. : )


The pilot never gave away the exact location, but since the picture was posted, a lot of people have traveled to see it. Which means that someone else did know the location and gave it away. I think the person who made it got the desired reaction and decided to have more fun.


It's about 10 feet (3 meters) tall... maybe a little more.
They think it is an installation by some ''2001 A Space Odyssey'' fan who wanted to play a prank. But it's illegal to errect anything on Federal land without permission.


It IS the pilot! He's having himself a fun little game.

The mystery deepens.


This morning, the news said it disappeared (was removed by person/means unknown) overnight......


I think it is one of the pegs that holds the earth together. Should probably be pounded back into place. Could be the cause of 2020.

It is fun though.


I saw the story yesterday, but the pilot interviewee didn't tell us the dimensions, did he? Maybe I missed it. The obelisk doesn't seem much battered by the weather, or I'd think it was put up by a UFO nut several decades ago. But I like to think that the guy who put it there is enjoying the media attention now, which means that the likeliest culprit is the pilot himself.



Maybe aliens?

Has anyone found out where this came from yet?

Why this advertisement?