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BLT, Homemade Sourdough, Duke's Mayo

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Never met a BLT that I didn't like.


It's got to be Miracle Whip for me.


just looked at the Hellmans jar. sugar is listed as the 3rd last ingredient, just before lemon juice, so there can't be a lot in it. Penny


Best Foods is out West.


now that's a BLT! Hellmans rules the north!


Let me at that sammie! Yummmmmm!!!

Best Food is the best mayo out there. :-)) dj


So colorful, it looks like it's being eaten in a discotheque!

Someone asked, months ago, about Duke's mayo. I hope you looked it up, as I saw the question pretty late. Here's what Wikipedia says:

"While it is the third-largest mayonnaise brand in the United States (behind Hellmann's and Kraft), its popularity was at first largely limited to the South. It is used in regional favorites such as tomato sandwiches, cole slaw, deviled eggs, pimento cheese, and potato salad. Duke's Mayonnaise contains more egg yolks than other mayonnaise products and no added sugar."

For me, Hellmann's is the way to go... unless it has "added sugar" [gulp].

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