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gilly and golly

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Inspired by Hickno1 birds puzzle
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  1. Robbos1:22
  2. testing1231:22
  3. samo441:25
  4. helenesco1:25
  5. beatlecarol1:27
  6. wizardjt1:44
  7. Rocknow11:45
  8. fleetair1:50
  9. tthok1:53
  10. hadzi1:53


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bj I will take Murphy shortly. G & G had an open cage but Murphy was a pickle. So I bought an indoor aviary cage and they don't come out. They are about 9 yrs old now in a smaller cage. They fly around the top area for exercise and have to flap their wings to get from perch to perch. They sing ''budgie'to the radio especially radio4. When we go away we leave timed, light heat and radio. They are happy!!!


Thanks Jenny! Sorry you lost Golly, but Gilly is still beautiful. Hope you post Murphy's pic too. Is he in a cage with Gilly? Are they caged all the time? My old Perky was never in his cage except to eat & sleep at night. He was always running around after Willy, my cat, to pull his whiskers. Might have a pic I can post of him. I'll take a

I took a while naming them. Gilly and Golly just popped into my mind. Golly , blue, died young . Golly has Murphy for company now - my son's former budgie. I must take their photos too!


Love the names! Any special reason for them?

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