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Birch :-)

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I love the tree but not when it is "blooming" :-))))
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  2. ullauhrskov0:28
  3. 4wings50:29
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  5. JillianB0:31
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I started around 2000 one year pollen was extremly high but knowing is good and then just a pill a day for 2-3 weeks Juba :-))))))


I’ve figured out what it is, so know how to deal with it. Last year I didn’t know what was happening at first.


Thanks Juba. I am just glad it is only 2-3 things for me. But the birch has just been terribly this year :-))))
Head up when the cedars blooms


It’s the cedars that make my eyes swell up. Not blooming yet.


Thank you so much Janet, Val, Juba, Jill, Lorna and Neville :-)))
Birch is the worst of my hay fever, and normally just 2 weeks with pills, but the challenge this year has been the number of pollen this year and 3 weeks! Up around 700 and no rain to "wash" it away, but I still think they are beautiful :-)))))


Fabulous thanks Sissel, with hugs. ❤️💕


Lovely photo thank you Sissel Hugs ♥♥


Everything here is covered in pine pollen right now. It’s like a sand box out there.


They are great trees. Beautiful puzzle thank you


Lovely trees unless you are allergic to them! Thanks Sissel.


This sounds like a case of Hay Fever (?) ♥♥♥


Yes :-)))) Thank you so much


Beautiful. :-))) ♥

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