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Theme - Mailboxes & Outhouses, Odd Things Along the Road (5)

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I kid you not, this was an R.M.B. (Australian roadside mailbox), known as "Dwater Dalek", and in 2015 it was situated on the New England Highway (in the background) at Deepwater, south of Tenterfield, in northern New South Wales. It even had its own "Visitors' Book" which you could sign. Yes, country folk in Australia can erect a mailbox, just like this, to receive their mail. It is quite legal.
Sadly, it only lasted around 12 months or so - the owner of this letterbox received "an offer he couldn't refuse" and sold it. And it is not known where it is presently located.
Quite an amazing letterbox with an equally amazing story. Hope you enjoyed this one - I sure did, finding it for you.
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ShifterBrains, thanks for your comment, mate.
Nev, in western Sydney.

We have seen this one ourselves and loved it.


Bev, it used to be the talk of the town. But we don't know where its new location is today. ♥♥♥

Holy Cow, It must have been an offer he could not refuse. It is a neat looking mailbox. Thank you Nev. 6-22-21



I watch a lot of the UK area mysteries, police shows, etc. I used to watch a lot of things that are "American", but I've lost interest in most things I did pre-2 years ago. Most of our stuff is the same anyway, different locals and the names are changed...

Right now I'm watching New Tricks, I really like it. There is an occasional "word", otherwise they have new ideas and situations that would never go over here. I hate comedies (there antics aren't too bad). I love to watch old classics too.

Remember what the doctor was back aren't missing much with the new!


Libby, you're quite right. There's so little worth watching these days that I simply don't bother much anymore. Nev. ♥♥♥



The older shows were in their own right better than the new stuff...sorry you can't get it anymore!


alias2v, a super postbox, for sure.


I hope so, it is worth what they paid for it,


Libby, we don't get Dr Who here any more, so we have no idea what is happening in this series. ♥♥♥


Petra, I can imagine how popular you were on the day. Delighted to hear he loved it. ♥♥♥


Heidi, he's a real cutie - a fine choice for your avatar.

Yep, at last count, orders have been placed for 119 duplicates!! :-))) ♥♥♥


Vips, it sure looks the "real deal". ♥♥♥


Brian, you ask such difficult questions. I don't know Who lives there!! :-)))


I LOVE Dr, it depends on who the next Doctor is...if it is another woman, I might take a vacation for a while...


Jolene, I'm sure they are enjoying it. And no doubt it will be well looked after too. ♥♥♥


Linda, could be related. :-))) ♥♥♥


Thanks, Nev, for the picky. My Love is a great fan. For his 50th birthday I gave him a relief art Darlik cake ( bought it!) , t`was fun :O) and yummie!!!


I bet every Doctor Who fan on the planet wants one of these.


Nev.... this avatar is a photo of my newest male Alpaca as a baby. That's his mom laying next to him. He's 3 years old right now. The picture was provided by his breeder.


It could be used in a sci-fi.


I wonder Who lives here Nev, could it be a Doctor ! Cheers pal.......B

Someone is enjoying it. And it is out of the weather.


It kind of looks like R2D2! LOL! TFS!


I'd take a small one to just sit in the room and look cute!


Libby, this was a very popular postbox, and I think everybody wanted one! :-))) ♥♥♥


I want one!!


Alex, it's a beauty isn't it? I can imagine how popular it would be with the grandkids! :-)))


Pat, I related the true story about it being sold to Putem below. It doesn't surprise me that somebody offered the farmer money for this - it would be quite the collector's item, as it looks so real.


Jill, I think there's a few that would be keen on owning this mailbox, not only your boys. ♥♥♥


Janet, it's really neat! ♥♥♥


peasterberg, that's a funny one. Thanks. :-)))


Heidi, I loved your comment. :-)))
And I do like your new avatar too. Some of your flock? ♥♥♥


Jolene, I guess not. And we all know that everything has a price. ♥♥♥


Putem, my first thoughts too - was it stolen? But there was a true story attached to the site. Somebody had driven past and saw it, and then six months later they went past again and it wasn't there. So they went to the Deepwater Post Office to enquire about it and a staff member there told him that the farmer had sold it for a goodly price.


Bobbie, I thought this one was quite super. ♥♥♥


globetrotter14, this one's harmless. It only collects mail.


Enjoying the vacant Dalek. :-))


Awesome Dalek mailbox! I feared you would say it was vandalized or stolen, so I'm happy he sold it!

(Or maybe the "offer he couldn't refuse" was "Gimme yer mailbox 'er I'll tie your wife to the railroad tracks!")


This is great! My guys would absolutely love to own it. Thanks for finding and sharing it Nev. ❤️


I love it thanks Nev, I'd love one!! Hugs my friend. ♥♥♥


Funny-looking outhouse.



Some one could not live without it.

It is amazing. At least he sold it, here it would have been stolen the first night.


Good one!!!!!!!!!! :)


I remember being scared of them when I was little.

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