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Beautiful planted fields

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Near Decorah, IA

Taken June 23, 2024
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  1. Teagardener0:27
  2. LiveLoveLaff0:31
  3. alansnell0:32
  4. mariolyn0:35
  5. holisak0:36
  6. Ianto0:36
  7. Trapper0:41
  8. ints0:41
  9. madhat0:41
  10. pcrane0:42


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Love the design, too! :-))))))))))))))))))))))))

Thank you.


Love the movement of the field. Thanks, Li.


Thank you for sharing this field scene. I saw rows similar to this in my state recently but probably for a different crop. My husband worked for years in the USDA for an agency known as Soil Conservation Service. When we would take Sunday drives when our children were young it was often to see farm fields that he had worked with a farmer for the best way to avoid soil loss on hilly fields. You have reminded me of years in the past and Sunday drives with our family. Thank you, joyfulli. : )

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