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Fractal Dimensions Three.... Metaphysical Rainbow..... (Smaller)....

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  1. hannejoh1:11
  2. like921151:13
  3. SMor2Ditto1:19
  4. teegee1:19
  5. PLG19581:20
  6. miana1:22
  7. carthill1:24
  8. foxymoron1:24
  9. tholin1:26
  10. shirley681:27


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JB, I'm at a loss for words... This is one of the nicest compliments I've had on any puzzle... Thank you so very much for taking time to tell me.... I can now put a smiling face with your compliment which makes it even more special... Thank you again.... :) :)


I don't know how you do what you do. And, I don't want to! Your puzzles are magic. From the very first day I was on Jigidi, I thought that and I still feel that way. They are always vibrant and exciting in the design and you layer and 3D as well as anyone. Just plain WOW! would probably have covered it, but I wanted to say what I have been thinking for some time!

Thank you so much!!


Thank you for your oh so nice comments everyone....

Shirley, rainbow colors/colours are always fun to work with....
TG... all is well here... Having a super time....
Patti don't tell anyone, I've never seen one before either...
Jan, you didn't metaphysically levitate off the floor when the last piece when together??? Strange... I'll have to work on the 'Meta' or maybe the 'Physical'... One of them's not working.... :) :)
That's the effect I was looking for. oddio.. So pleased it seemed real to you....


Looks like you could touch it and feel the textures! Nice puzzle, Sally.

These fractals are lovely. Keep it up.


This is an exciting pieace of art. Terrific design. Well, I've never even heard of a metaphysical rainbow - so when staring in awe at the wonderful finished puzzle I was half way expecting something metaphysical to happen...
Anyway, it was great fun to solve.


Never saw a metaphysical rainbow before. So THAT'S what they look like!!! :) Thanks, Sally!

Very interestng--thank you.


Beautiful design! Thanks Sally.


Gorgeous colors smor! Hope you are doing well :)


Very ,Very nice


Love it thanks Sally


Good one Sally, great use of "somewhere over the Rainbow' in the mandelbrot fractal, beautiful colours, Thank you Sally:) :)

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